Cute Dog and Baby Video

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description Check us out for more cute and funny dog videos. This adorable baby meet the family dog for the first time. They touch paw to hand. This is a very cute dog video that will make you saw awwww! Our site has a big collection of cute dog and funny dog pictures and videos so if you think this is good, check out the rest of our stuff!

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Rusbalt
    | Reply

    The best video in the World,thanks a lot

  2. carolLDickinson
    | Reply

    Dogs are soooo loving!!!

  3. BrandoE909
    | Reply

    Watch my dog with my baby!! Check my channel!!! It’s just as awesome as this video!!!!

  4. TheGordonius
    | Reply

    @princessmadona i agree

  5. Charecua
    | Reply

    Caracoles!! Éste video definitivamente derritió mi frío y negro corazón!

  6. shambala888
    | Reply

    very sweet video both of them are so lovely….

  7. 101AstroGirl
    | Reply

    wish my dogs were that loving

  8. sergeantfan
    | Reply

    26 cat lovers? Cats are boring. Dogs rule.

  9. brickmasterperson
    | Reply

    The baby and the dog are adorable

  10. zola6640
    | Reply

    love it…we have a boxer and they are such loveable dogs….

  11. chooniecat
    | Reply

    Very cute.And anyone making nasty references to felines-this is a DOG. You can like dogs AND cats and it doesn’t make you less loyal to the other. Dogs want to please humans more so thats why SOME people like them exclusively because they’re very needy humans.

  12. tbg1111
    | Reply

    haha, my 1yo daughter loves playing with my 2 dogs feet

  13. shegacha
    | Reply


  14. NaughtyKittenx3
    | Reply


    | Reply

    this made my heart fill with happiness ^_^

  16. kitchenladyful
    | Reply

    Omg Amazing! Love it 🙂

  17. kelsey11700
    | Reply

    The baby is like: Teehee, your foot feels soft 🙂
    Dog: Oh , so does yours :

  18. tegelstenenflyger
    | Reply

    Omg, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.

  19. m2i0n1i3
    | Reply

    @chooniecat Well put. Damn annoying to see people constantly talk about how cats are so selfish and dogs so loyal and all that jazz…

  20. m2i0n1i3
    | Reply

    @chooniecat Well put. Damn annoying to hear people constantly talk about how cats are selfish and dogs are loyal

  21. JAMEEL900
    | Reply

    Its really nice video i love them very much….

  22. TheAshG82
    | Reply

    This is soooo cute! Totally made my day 🙂

  23. t19ver
    | Reply

    So cute

  24. t19ver
    | Reply

    Is that a real dog you can’t tell but the baby is sosososososo cute .

  25. chuckle2010
    | Reply

    I love when the baby kicks his little legs. So cute.

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