Creating Dog Friendly Yards

By Caroline Bourke

People who love gardening are often at a loss as to how to maintain pet friendly yards. Fortunately, with a little thought and compromise, it is not a difficult task to achieve. Pets and their owners can both enjoy their pet friendly yards with no major mishap to the pets or the gardens.

One of the first things that are needed in pet friendly yards is a high and sturdy fence all around. This will not only prevent pets from running out, it will deter stray dogs from coming in. The fence should be equipped with wire meshing at the edges to block off any gaps. Do not grow plants near the fence, as dogs like to establish their territorial rights. This may lead to unsightly dog paths being created here. Dogs need places to run around, so pet friendly yards should have stone paved areas or paths.

Take care not to leave any area with loose mud in the garden- it is an invitation to start digging! It may be a good idea to fence off an area that is exclusively for the dog to romp around. A dog house is also essential to protect the pets from excessive heat or wind. It should not be too close to the outer fence as dogs can climb on the house and jump out. The dogs should also have a bath room area that they are trained to use, to prevent the lawn from being messed up. Make sure there is water available for them to drink.

What to Grow In Pet Friendly Yards

Grass and plans cannot tolerate the nitrates in dog urine, so train them to keep off the grass. Some varieties of grass are sturdier than others, such as Bermuda grass and can with stand treading. Clover is perhaps the ideal choice, as it does not stain the way grass does after being subjected to dog urine. Delicate plants can be protected with wooden picket fences or wire cages around them. This prevents dog urine from reaching their trunks and roots, and damaging them. While there are numerous plants to choose from to grow in gardens, pet friendly yards should not have poisonous plants. Check out lists of plants that are suitable to have around with pets before planning the garden.

Pet friendly yards should have secure places for storing herbicides and other chemicals. Pets should be allowed to play only after 24 hours of fertilizing a yard. It is also a good idea to have pet toys and chews to keep them entertained while they are out.

Caroline Bourke is a full time beauty therapist in Florida. Check out these great Dogs Advice resources and articles or the more general Pets advice.

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