Cool for cats: how to keep your cat cool in Summer

Cats are pretty clever at keeping themselves cool in Summer, but there are some things you can do to help! Check out our warm weather advice and tips to encourage your cat to drink more.

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6 Responses

  1. billswifejo
    | Reply

    We left the bathroom door open so they could ie on the marble tiles, but i had never thought of making a "cold" waterbottle. Thanks.

  2. Jeni Stewart
    | Reply

    My vet suggested spring water from a can of tuna to get my cat to drink more – just don't use brine or oil!!

  3. Carolinn Gibson
    | Reply

    great advice, one of mine went missing the other day and I eventually found her under the smallest of shrubs trying to keep cool, obviously too warm in the house

  4. Peasent Land
    | Reply

    great video! i have a medicine syringe for kids (its clean of course) and my cats love drinking from that.

  5. Gwendoline Merrick
    | Reply

    Hadn't the foggiest clue that 'sunscreen for cats' was on sale 🙂

  6. Christian Wicks Lightfoot
    | Reply

    Lovely animations.

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