Cooking For Your Best Friend – (Your Dogs)~!!!

Cooking For Your Best Friend - (Your Dog's)~!!!

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Our dogs were getting on in age so a little over a year ago I decided I would “Cook” for our dogs. I got the idea from a family member who was doing this for her older dog. Commercial pet food contains way to many chemicals and by products that are not fit even for your dog. A lot of dog food sold in our grocery stores comes from China and many 3rd world nations. Far to many times I have watched news stories or read stories where these Commercial pet foods had killed scores of family pets. Like most families we look at our dogs as part of our family and not just the pet. Pet food from China has repeatedly found to have been poisoned and/or contaminated. Still it is right there on our grocery store shelves waiting for us to be the sucker to buy it for our pets. In many cases foreign made pe

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