Cone collar for rat

Im sorry for my terrible accent when talking.. i had to focuse at keeping my rat in the video and to focus the camera well so talking was really for me as a person whose main language is not english xD

Anyway i hope you understood the situation.. if not, you can check the written info here: /soon/

As i said, they use cones for rats in other countries alot, but in my country, Czech Republic, so i had to make it myself.. its made the way so it wont cut her neck, she can breathe well, she can eat and drink too. She only cant use paws to hold the food so she gets bigger pieces she can reach using mouth only. She cant wash herself anymore as well so i jsut use wet napking to keep her clean..
Also the red thing around nose is NOT blood, its a red liquit that rat gets around nose or eyes if they are somehow ill or if something bothers them on their body… in this case it is because of the sewed scar on her arm and the wound she has on butt.
As you can see, she can move normally and she is active as a normal rat. I jsut have to keep her away from bitting off her own skin after the injection shot.
Wish luck to this little silly satellite 🙂

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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5 Responses

  1. polly skid
    | Reply

    My squirrel chews off his ointment too, and has a wound triple the size of your rat's now….

  2. polly skid
    | Reply

    What material did you use??

  3. polly skid
    | Reply

    Hi can you tell me exactly how you made this cone?? I need to make one urgently for my squirrel, who is the size of your rat… A liitle bit bigger just..

  4. Eden Groves
    | Reply

    Your accent is not terrible! Accents are beautiful! Don't be ashamed of it, it's part of where you're from and it sounds charming! Great video! I was trying to figure out how to make a collar for my rat too. HAHAHA! She does look like a satellite! Super cute! I hope she recovered.

  5. fallblossom
    | Reply

    Nice cone. How did you keep it on your girl and how did you close it?

    One way to treat wounds of this size is by filling them up with sugar. It helps to heal the wound since bacteria cannot grow in it and it absorbs exudate. Of course using a saline rinse before adding sugar is ideal and should be done twice per day. I hope your rattie healed.

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