Comparing Cat Breeds

Comparing Cat Breeds

By Kim Babcock

There are two basic American breeds of cat. The shorthair and the wirehair. I would like to compare the two, and list their subtle differences. Remember, this is only a comparison between the two most common American breeds.

Originally known as the Domestic Shorthair, the breed was renamed “American Shorthair” in 1966 to better represent its “All American” character and to differentiate it from any other shorthaired breed. The name “American Shorthair” also reinforces the idea that our native North American shorthaired cat is distinctly different from what may be found in streets, neighborhoods and barnyards.

Ideal American Shorthairs exude symmetry, with the breed standard calling for them to be slightly longer than tall. Females tend to be smaller than males. The American Shorthair’s face should be full-cheeked with an open expression. Eyes are medium to large in size and mostly round with an almond-like curve at the top. The breed’s coat comes in a variety of colors and designs; however, the silver classic tabby is perhaps the best known.

The American Wirehair breed is uniquely American. It began as a spontaneous mutation in a litter of upstate New York farm cats in 1966. A spontaneous mutation is an uncommon, although not rare, happening. The American Wirehair sports an exceptional coat, as each hair is bent or hooked, producing a dense, springy coat, with whiskers of the same texture. This breed was developed from the American Shorthair, so apart from the coat, the two display many similarities.

There seems to be some debate as far as ear shaping between the experts. Some believe it is the wirehair that sports the short, curved ears; while others believe this is a trait of the shorthair. Pictures of both breeds found on sites all over the world wide web show either breed displaying both traits..

Whatever the case, I find both to be beautiful breeds.

My cat, Thomas, seems to be a combination of the two breeds. He sports the long, pointed ears (that are still under debate), a luxuriously soft short coat, and silverish blue and white markings. His eyes are the almond shaped, goldish-green, all-seeing, mysterious eyes of the typical cat. Thomas is also the typical cat in that he displays the aloof independence found in all breeds.

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