College Students' Guide to Pet Care

by Laura Michaels

Having a pet in your college dorm or apartment has several advantages — you’ll have something soft and warm to cuddle with during those stressful moments, there’ll be someone waiting for you to come home, and your dorm or apartment will feel homey and cozy. But, taking care of a pet means additional responsibilities. Aside from your studies, extra-curricular activities, and social life, you also have to spend some time grooming and playing with your pet. If you think you can handle a pet and your college responsibilities, here are some tips on how to make things go smoothly:

Set aside a budget for Pet Care

Aside from your daily expenses, you should also alot money for pet care expenses. Annual check-ups from the vet require funds so if your monthly allowance from mom and dad isn’t enough for your pet’s needs, getting a part-time job can be handy.

Spend Quality Time with Your Pet

Some pets require constant attention. If you have a pet dog, schedule daily walks during breaks in-between classes or before you go to your first class. It’s very important to develop a routine for you and your pet so that you can have special bonding moments. No matter how hectic your class schedules can get, playing or cuddling with your pet can help you deal with stress positively.

Keep Your Pet Safe During Parties

When you and your roommates are planning on having a party at your dorm or apartment, it’s best to put your pet inside its cage. Having a party means there’ll be a lot of people around who may be considered strangers by your pet. Placing your constant companion inside a cage will also prevent your curious guests from petting it especially if it gets a bit grumpy in the presence of strangers. Another idea is to bring your little furry friend to a pet sitter during dorm parties. Just make sure that you inform the sitter about your pet’s tendencies or behavior.


Laura Michaels is a college student who helps out fellow students with their admission essays by providing free sample admission essay.

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