Cockatiel and Cockatiels – Bathing Your Bird – How to Give a Bird a Bath – Bathing Pet Birds

The Rules of Bathing While various bathing methods abound, there are a few simple rules that apply to bathing all pet birds: Use only plain, clear water. Alt…

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46 Responses

  1. Ann Gillings Spinks
    | Reply

    That tip about cocktails dust very helpful . That are a great little
    bird.and pet .

  2. sultan haider
    | Reply

    amm my birds shit is dry on it tail how do i remove it

  3. Diana Miranda
    | Reply

    This was very helpful thank you!

  4. today is a good day today is a great day!
    | Reply

    Really helpful! i tried it for a while but i guess my bird just doesn’t
    like water

  5. TheFluffyMink
    | Reply

    I have a baby wren {im taking care of him} and he is very dirty. So i
    needed to bathe him and this video helped

  6. Haneburge
    | Reply

    what if you bird hates water?

  7. Bethany Hancock
    | Reply

    Thank you I learn a lot from this because my bird get it a lot I’m glad to
    listen to this everyday and your birds are looked after they are lovely

  8. BlackRoses4eturnity
    | Reply

    The spray bottel is a grate idea!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a dish with water at
    room temp and a regular water dish that is big enough to bath in but they
    prefer the warm water. I will have to try this.

  9. mripwnatcod
    | Reply

    do they dry themselves or do i have to drythem

  10. Weiilayou
    | Reply

    Wonderful! Glad I could help 🙂

  11. japson004
    | Reply

    oh crap… i guess ive been pullin off my birds tube thing… i thought is
    was like a dandruff piece and i thought it was bad…. i feel really bad
    for doing it now…. im not gunna do it anymore though.. thanks for telling

  12. stanglova86
    | Reply

    Thanks robot.

  13. Youngmoney1164
    | Reply

    thanks i just got my bird today and i need to get theme in there cage need

  14. benjamine Duran
    | Reply

    better vioce more light in the video but ok for now

  15. danyangel87
    | Reply

    Thank you soo much!!!!! Now they love bathing now 😀

  16. 76Rita76
    | Reply

    your cockatiels are so cute & well behaved, my cockatiels love the spray
    bottle, but don’t really like taking baths in water on their own just yet
    ihope i can get them to not be so scared

  17. DragonNadder
    | Reply

    My bird dose not like any type of bath how can I clean him and get him to
    like the bath? =)

  18. Damon Zwicker
    | Reply

    i’m not sure what to do…our cockatiels love to be sprayed!

  19. Priscilla Toh
    | Reply

    i did buy a soap for cockatiels but it did not need to be washed off but i
    was worried so i had to just washed and spray i wonder why my cockatiels
    hate water although they love drinking warm water………….

  20. Weiilayou
    | Reply

    Try wetting some leaves (make sure they’re safe for your birds in case they
    try eating them! Also rinsed clean and don’t get them from anywhere near
    trafficked roads) and place in a bowl for the ‘tiels to just roll around in
    on their own. They might like that since it’s close to the “baths” they
    would take in dewy plants, in the wild.

  21. tankboy584
    | Reply

    hi my bird will sit in the water but she will not be a bird and bath
    herself can you tell me how i can make her like a bath

  22. Andy Hancock
    | Reply

    Yeah, mine did not like that at all. She just hissed and few to the next
    room lol.

  23. CockatielPony
    | Reply

    no don’t use soap just normal water

  24. kevinchavela
    | Reply

    i need help my cockatiels are all covered in poop!!!!

  25. benjamine Duran
    | Reply

    does the spayer have to have soap

  26. robertmarc1
    | Reply

    Thanks for this video.It helped a lot

  27. ShellyAmpora
    | Reply

    thank you, very good video =^.^=

  28. Priscilla Toh
    | Reply

    mine as well so i just a take warm water and slowly pour bit by bit

  29. azni12
    | Reply

    my bird doesnt like to bathe like this. any tips? its a cockatiel

  30. Issac Bae
    | Reply

    my cockatiel hates getting wet! whenever i give it a spray or 2 or 3 or 4
    or 5 and so on…. my cockatiel flies to my face and scratches!

  31. HabbClubPMember
    | Reply

    Your cockateils are so cute. I plan to get one soon 🙂

  32. Loveofpets
    | Reply

    Excellent video. I have three cockatiels. I bath them often. Come and see
    my videos.

  33. LittleMissSuperGirl7
    | Reply

    did you clip their feathers, and do you reccommend it?

  34. Yuna9989
    | Reply

    thanx for making the vid

  35. Asma A.
    | Reply

    Thanks a lot.. That was really useful. I need it to learn visually how to
    bath my cockatiel.

  36. AshTheBlackBird
    | Reply

    Great Video! I have a 3 month old Cockatiel, But when I give her some water
    to bathe in she doesn’t go near it, and if I spary her she runs away! I
    don’t know what to do with her and bathing….

  37. Lisa Springfield
    | Reply

    Are they clipped? How come they don’t fly off?

  38. Mikayla Brinkley
    | Reply

    We have six birds. We have learned that each one has their own personality,
    just like us humans. Sunny, Pozi, and Pickle (our oldest and youngest
    cockatiels, and our quaker parrot) prefer to be sprayed with a spray
    bottle. Magic (our second oldest cockatiel) prefers to sit in a dish of
    water. Rocky (our next oldest cockatiel) and Indy (our ringneck) like to
    bathe in the sink. We have a double kitchen sink, so we put a rag in the
    middle, put on the bird, and use the sprayer. Hope this helped! 😉

  39. Sheri-myvideos
    | Reply

    My cockatiel is 17 years old and I will try to spray bottle to make her
    more comfortable. You can check her out on my channel I want to do some
    more videos on her because she has a big cage and loves to run around and
    climb around.

  40. allymc77
    | Reply

    i have a cockatial the 1 at 0:22 looks like mine and tell me how u know if
    its a boy or girl

  41. MrChupachaps
    | Reply

    THANKS!!!! Helped a lot with me cokatiel ,he flew around the washroom and
    whistled THanks and Oh your PArrots are very cute and adorable

  42. Abdul Habibul
    | Reply

    @mripwnatcod they dry themselves, atleast mine does.

  43. sollacc
    | Reply

    thanks for the info my bird isn’t a “dusty”

  44. ilovedovealot
    | Reply

    my cockatiel hates water! he is 7 months old. he runs away from the mister
    (spray bottle) and when i try to put him in the bath or shower, he runs or
    tries to fly away. how do i get him to like water? i do try to bath him
    regularily. please help!

  45. Marcia Turner
    | Reply

    my bird is scared of waterrr

  46. Crystal Stimmell
    | Reply

    What if it isnt tamed and wont allow me to spray him? He wont get in a bowl
    of water either… what do I do? I want my Charlie to be happy and clean.

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