Clipping Your Rats’ Nails

In this video, I discuss how to clip your rats nails. You just need some human nail clippers and a good grip on your rat! Enjoy, and thanks for watching! Ets…

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50 Responses

  1. Sophie Gatchell
    | Reply

    +kristine mcginn Its perfectly fine as long as your mom accknologes them a
    bit as in talking to them now and then. But that does allow some time to
    settle in which is very convenient. Either way, but if u get them from the
    pet store remember they may be fed to snakies before u get back
    .. 🙁 🙁 ; (

  2. Liz P.
    | Reply

    Thanks for making this video! I used this as a kind of guide with my ma!

  3. EVAlps
    | Reply

    pffff you dont have to clip they nails it give alot of stress for them

  4. Zo Jo
    | Reply

    Is it absolutely necessary to clip their nails, or are there things you can
    do that will naturally keep their nails trim, like put certain things in
    their cage that will wear down their nails?

  5. Larza Nibby
    | Reply

    Who else notices the Stewie (from Family Guy) blanket???

  6. Zo Jo
    | Reply

    Do you live in Michigan? You sound like you have a Michigan accent 😀 Love
    your voice. Sorry if that sounds creepy haha xD

  7. Calypso the Furry
    | Reply

    does anyone know if it would be ok to use a nail file on their nails?

  8. killswitch921
    | Reply

    i cant tell if mine lick me because of the salt on my hands or to be
    affectionate. i just pick to be affectionate because one of my rats licks
    me constantly!! anyway, i tried clipping my rats nails and its horrible
    lol. one rat is really sweet and doesnt mind being held but wont sit still
    for long, the other is just bouncing off the walls and its nearly
    impossible to clip her nails. its been a while since we’ve clipped their
    nails :(

  9. Abigel Jarvis
    | Reply

    Awww do you have a Dumbo rat? I want one but can’t seem to find a female :/

  10. Sarah Sabin
    | Reply


  11. Jema Griffiths
    | Reply

    My boys won’t sit still so I’ve placed a brick in the cage under the water
    bottle so they get a little worn down.

  12. Kendell Scioletti
    | Reply

    Thank you for this video. I have always just used the clippers I got from
    the pet store for ferrets and that seemed to be ok, but my baby Nittany
    would always squirm and it would also be a two person job to clip her
    nails. But with the regular people clippers she seemed to sit still and
    made the whole process easier. 

  13. Zac Nicholas
    | Reply

    Sorry I just cant do that to my little baby I dont wana hurt him if got to
    the stage were all i have to do is clip it but i get so nervous is it ok to
    let him run around on the concrete.

  14. Jim Smith
    | Reply

    Good and informative video. Glad to hear your rats squeak during the nail
    clipping so I know when our rats squeak they’re ok. 

  15. FUNNYGIRL497
    | Reply

    I love your voice!!!!

  16. Katherine Smith
    | Reply

    Why do they keep licking your hands? Is it them being affectionate or are
    they just licking the salt off your skin?

  17. Katherine Smith
    | Reply

    Your rats are so frickin CUUUUTE!!!! 

  18. Kev Lar
    | Reply

    I have never had to do this to my rats. Thankfully.

  19. Nigel Loudon
    | Reply

    Do you bathe your rats and if you do how do you bathe them

  20. steveneinstein
    | Reply

    Just get very fine sand paper

  21. Trisha Donoghue
    | Reply

    Ginny was always my favorite, i will miss her :'( (btw, im using my mums

  22. Equii Hollii
    | Reply

    OMG! poor ginny 🙁 My baby rat keeps on sneezing :/ do you think I should
    take him to the vets?

  23. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel
    | Reply

    You sure can! I just don’t recommend it for everyone because it takes a lot
    longer and is much harder to do.

  24. RatGirl44
    | Reply

    Oh no so sorry about little Ginny 🙁 are you going to get another one in
    the future ?

  25. michelle lerner
    | Reply

    srry for bothering, but apparently i got the runt of the litter so my rat
    is half the size of a normal sized rat, i cant really tell up to what point
    i should clip her nails. could i use a nail filer?

    | Reply

    That was cool. You have a way with rats That I like.

  27. Unikobold
    | Reply

    Well done you for managing to upload this so soon after. Ginny, scurry free
    at the bridge pretty girl.x

  28. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel
    | Reply

    That is fine! It is just ridiculously hard to do on a rat!

  29. StyleBeauti
    | Reply

    Ginny was such an amazing little rattie! Was it the age that caused it, do
    you think? Or was she ill in some way? She will always be loved and
    remembered. Rest in peace, little girl xox

  30. bobby wasabi
    | Reply

    Mine stash food everyplace if i put a big bowl in every day they would
    empty it in 6 mins, and hide it. and then it might get moldy or something
    weird not sure if they will stop that ever, but right now, they take turns
    going up to the top level grabbing a piece of food, running back down, and
    stuffin it someplace, till the bowl is empty, i cant tell how much they eat

  31. earthsprite
    | Reply

    I’m really not comfortable with this idea. If they’re too fidgety you could
    cut the quick, or worse, a whole toe off.

  32. Rubyinthesun
    | Reply

    My Luna is a biter also. I use the command don’t bite every time she bites
    and I pick her up for a minute, kind of like a time out. It works for the
    remainder of the time I have her out. When a rat bites you and you
    immediately go away, they are smart enough to know they can get rid of you
    that way. Stick around for awhile when she bites you. Mine will push her
    head under my leg when I say “don’t bite”, so I think they honestly feel
    bad about it.

  33. bobby wasabi
    | Reply

    i don’t bathe mine, it’s been about 3 weeks mine just are not dirty i
    guess, both of them have shiny furr, and smell fine i think they clean each
    other they don’t have any weird stuff in their eyes or nose, so i don’t
    bother them , i prolly wont unless they get like really dirty somehow

  34. MrMidn1ght
    | Reply

    One thing i did just to introduce mine to it was put a little dab of peanut
    butter on it to get them to at least try it, after that it is just their
    personal interests. =P hope it works for you

  35. scarlettangel14
    | Reply

    My boy’s, Chess and Harvey just recently got a big rat wheel as a gift from
    my friend. So far they show NO intrest in it. Do you have any tips or ideas
    on getting them to like the wheel?

  36. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel
    | Reply

    Those are in fact bite marks, not mite scabs. Ginny always had scabs around
    her neck and face. She was very subordinate to Pippa and Harper, so she got
    power groomed a lot. Although, she never seemed to heal the scabs. I
    thought that she might have had a bad immune system, and since she just
    passed quite suddenly, I think it confirms that suspicion.

  37. alex flower
    | Reply

    Could you also do a video about travel thanks!!! 😉

  38. Faye Ilsley
    | Reply

    Hi. Thanks for the great video. I was getting a bit worried about one of my
    rats’ nails. I don’t want them to get so long they cause her pain but I
    didn’t want to her her cutting them. I was just wondering if you had any
    tips to discourage biting. One of my girls is a bad biter. Like, not just
    test bites but bad draw blood bites. I try to socialise with her as much as
    she’ll allow but I worry she’s not having a good life or is stressed all
    the time. Thanks in advance

  39. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel
    | Reply

    Pippa is a dumbo blazed banded pearl merle!

  40. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel
    | Reply

    I would start as soon as they are comfortable around you and trust you. If
    they seem like they are comfortable, then you can start introducing
    commands a little at a time. Luckily they will learn their names by you
    just using them, so that will come with time.

  41. GreenGaruda
    | Reply

    Rats should have a constant supply of food. Get a bigger food bowl (or a
    second one) and just give them more than enough food to last a day (or half
    a day). I just give my rats a big heap of food once a day, and when I feed
    them again the next day there’s always a little left over. If you’re using
    good quality rat blocks and your rats are not underweight or overweight,
    you shouldn’t restrict their food supply. Just give them more food at once!

  42. DearLacie
    | Reply

    I’ve never had rats, but my cat does the same thing, Extremely, I’ll feed
    him and feed him and he’ll act like he’s starving, Its gotten to the point
    where he overate and puked, then still begged for food. :I

  43. Lexi •
    | Reply

    I would be too afraid to do it myself… Would it be expensive to take them
    to some sort of groomers to get it done? Or any other way to file their
    nails a bit without manually doing it? I’m not very confident in my ability
    of trimming their nails. x_x

  44. Kdan Frew
    | Reply

    To address the sharp nail issue, we put a brick in the cage. A nice rough
    one that they have to use to get up on the “Sky Bridge” to access their
    hammocks. That way every time they go up or down, they have to file their
    nails a little. Seems to work. I have no scratches.

  45. Georgia Greene
    | Reply

    that’s rely sad RIP my rats are turning one in summer… I hope there

  46. kristine mcginn
    | Reply

    I’m going camping for 11 days soon and will be getting some new rats. my
    mum will be able to feed them but wont play with them, should i wait til
    after camping to get them or will they be o with only each others company?

  47. AuroranLauriel
    | Reply

    Your rats are soooo cute 🙂

  48. BeckyElf
    | Reply

    Awh their squeaking! Haaha I’m too scared ill cut their toes off D:

  49. FinnishChick
    | Reply

    I couldn’t help but shed a few tears when I learned that Ginny passed away.
    I am so very sorry for your loss.

  50. Liv Jeffery
    | Reply

    I wish I could have a rat! My mum said she would think about it. You are
    fabulous with your rattie!

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