Clicker Training Made Easy

Jamieleigh explains how to get started with clicker training!

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  1. DaveWomach says:

    It’s not that the bird like the clicking, it is just forming a pathway of
    communication between person and birds making it easier to communicate.

  2. Karinachka89 says:

    does this works on BLUE AND GOLD MACAW???? Let me know. thank YOu

  3. Jessie Goodman says:

    african grey parrots are so cool! i owned a rainbow lorikeet and he was the
    worst bird for clicker training because hes a nectar easter so it was hard
    to find treats her could have as they ahve a strick diet so i was using
    plain ricse crackers and home made dried fruit, sadly he passed away last
    september, i want to buy a african grey parrot but they are $4300 to buy
    one here not hand reared

  4. meskenas111 says:


  5. Ningchiou says:

    wow, do they normally cost that much?

  6. CeceAndBebe says:

    Target train your bird. Get a stick and when ever the bird touches the
    stick click and reward. Once the bird understand that it needs to touch the
    target using the cue touch or target, you can have the bird follow the
    target around. From there you can use it to spin, pair the word with it,
    then fade out the target using the word.

  7. DaveWomach says:

    It’s not loud enough to hurt anyone’s hearing/ears.

  8. ScottyPee says:

    ive started trying to clicker train my african grey, and hes at the stage
    where he knows that a click means a treat, but sometimes after i click and
    hold the treat out for him, he tries to chomp my finger off instead of
    taking the treat from me. is there anything i can do to help this? im
    convinced hes the most stubborn parrot the world has ever seen.

  9. DaveWomach says:

    any major petshop will have one, just ask for a dog clicker (they’re the
    same thing but people know them better for dogs) petsmart has them for
    under $2

  10. hana itani says:

    this clicker for what age of bird work ,because i have one he is 14 weeks
    know ,so he is a baby so is this work for this age?and thank you for the

  11. motocrossforlife122 says:

    i went to a pet shop today and galahs were $500 au with like 90 days health
    guarantee is that good they were tame and dident bite?

  12. Spiritus Sanctus says:

    will it bite if you give it the treat i mean like a untamed bird doing with
    it the clicker thingy will it bite me instead of taking the treat? plz

  13. greengrendel says:

    a day or less I think.

  14. DaveWomach says:

    Yep! It’s a great way to form a way of communicating with you parrot :)

  15. Thanks so much, it looks too easy but makes sense. Thanks again!!

  16. Amber Palermo says:

    Okay, thank you. I will try =)

  17. DaveWomach says:

    The bird tricks videos were done with untamed, aggressive parrots. Tiko,
    the blue and gold macaw, was never touched for 20+ years before Dave and
    Chet filmed those taming videos live with him. I’m shocked if not even the
    target/touch training method worked for you, or the Power Pause. Birds
    respond to those techniques within minutes.

  18. Recon9143 says:

    hot bird

  19. DaveWomach says:

    It works on any type of parrot, including a blue and gold macaw.

  20. 95milkbone says:

    How old is cressi ?

  21. Amber Palermo says:

    I’m having trouble with my cockatiel. Does clicker training work for them?
    Shes is fearful of me when I come into the room and she wont take treats
    from me, so I wouldnt be able to hold the millet up to her. I’ve held the
    millet up to her and she runs away. Do you know what I can do? Ive had her
    for a few weeks to a month.

  22. Collin Bray says:

    what should i feed my goffin too as treats?

  23. motocrossforlife122 says:

    why do they like clicking?

  24. DaveWomach says:

    No, parrots in captivity need to be working for their food to keep them
    motivated and stimulated. They would search for food for around 8 hours a
    day in the wild, so it’s more detremental to the bird if you just give him
    a food dish that’s full all day. All my birds prefer to work for it – if I
    offer them a dish of food, or give them a food finding toy, they go for the
    toy to get their food. It’s more natural, and it’s what they are designed
    to do.

  25. DaveWomach says:

    You want to use the clicker when the bird is taking some kind of food

  26. How much are Grey African’s?

  27. yeah ok thanks i’ll give it a try……..but if i take his food away from
    him, will it not make him think that he’s done something wrong and taking
    his food away is punishment?

  28. simley123man says:

    ur sexy girl i like wat u wearin lol

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