Clicker Training for Birds (Getting Started)

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This book is the bible on clicker training for birds, and a wonderful guide to bird behavior, care, feeding, and management, clicker-style. You’ll gain an appreciation for how the wide range of parrot-related species differ, and why they need different nutrition and care. You’ll learn how to use the clicker to teach your bird to be quiet, to enjoy being handled, and to be friendly to everyone in your household, not just one person. You’ll learn how to teach the bird to enjoy bathing, toys, and petting�so you can train with many reinforcers, not just food. Author Melinda Johnson explains how to click your bird into cooperating with nail and beak trims and wing clipping; and you’ll learn how to do those things safely and correctly. You’ll find out how targeting and shaping can be used to safely defuse aggression and fear. With Melinda’s tactful techniques you can even turn previously neglected or mishandled birds into loving pets. The author makes clear the reasons why punishing or trying to ‘dominate’ a bird are inappropriate techniques.

Clicker Training for Birds also includes step-by-step instructions for training dozens of tricks and games, including vocal mimicry. While the focus is on the popular parrot family, this book is also a useful resource for learning how to clicker train any bird species, from canaries and other small cage birds to poultry, exotic species, and birds of prey.

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3 Responses

  1. Dan A. Williams
    | Reply

    Clicker training birds In her book, Clicker Training for Birds, Melinda Johnson introduces the art of “clicker training” to the bird world, including all types of birds such as tiny Budgies and Cockatiels, mid-size birds such as Senegals and Conures, larger African Greys, Cockatoos and Macaws. Birds of all ages (after weaning through adulthood) can be taught under this method.

  2. Michael M. "parrots_r_awesome"
    | Reply

    Fantastically Surprising All I was wanting or expecting was to teach my parrots a few tricks, like waving, shaking head yes, ringing a bell.. I thought this would be entertaining to friends and family, to show them how smart my parrots is.Funny thing is I that is why I bought the book, but what I have gotten out of the book has been so much more.What I got instead was a better understanding of my parrot’s intelligence.I now understand my parrots so much better, it has helped me tremendously with my Umbrella Cockatoo’s biting and screaming, I haven’t been bit since I got this book, and the screaming is almost nothing now, I do realize he is a U2 and he is going to scream a little.My African Grey who is the most timid little guy and a feather plucker, who never comes out of his cage. I began using the clicker to win his trust and to finally get him to come out of his cage on his own, and WOW what a difference in this sweet little guy, he comes out on his own every day, and he explores the entire room, his whole world is opening up to him, And something I never expected but he is growing some new feathers for the first time in 20 years, because with the help of this book, he is exploring and is a much happier boy.All I know is you will LOVE THIS BOOK, and I wish everyone would buy this book, before getting a parrot. I am so Pleased I found it.It’s a must have, if you’re a new parrot owner, or if you have been owned by parrots for years.Thanks MelindaMichael M.

  3. Kelly Ballance "Kelly @ The Avian Medical Center"
    | Reply

    Training Your Birds… Enriching Their Lives It’s great that clicker training has finally gone to the birds! Clicker training, indeed any training with positive reinforcement techniques, is rewarding for both you and your bird. This book is a great place to get started with training, and building a positive relationship with your bird.What many people realize after they start working with their bird is that training tricks/new behaviors offers up a whole new world of behavior for them. For you, it creates an entirely new way of interacting with and appreciating your feathered companion.You are also likely to experience a reduction in problem behavior frequency (biting, screaming, feather destruction, etc) when your bird learns new behaviors (like they can with clicker training). While this book of priceless information offers much more, a reduction in problem behaviors alone is WELL worth the investment.This book is a great guide for both beginners and experienced teacher/trainers alike.

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