Clicker Training Basics – How To Train Your Dog

Basic tutorial on how to begin using Clicker Training for your dog. Connect with me here: ♥ Blog {} ♥ Tumblr {http://w…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. rebecca buddy says:

    my dogs cant eat carrots becuse they get really sick and thow up and can u
    please do a vidio about the thundshirt and stress in dog because my dog get
    very stress when she eats and when other dog or people are around her would
    the thundershirt work for her and my other do is really scared of getting
    it teeth brush and getting nails clip 

  2. Simply Ary says:

    How old is your dog?

  3. Angeline Del Carmen says:

    What kind of dog is beuler

  4. Linda Jovic says:

    I freeze the carrots which takes longer to chew also helpful for teething
    dogs. :)

  5. Faris Jaclyn says:

    Hi I feed Blue Buffalo Adult Small Breed. I switched to adult food at 6
    months :D.

  6. happyness637 says:

    So i have to brother puppies do i train them at the same time or at
    different times or just different days like on monday can be Oreos day to
    train then tuesday would be smokey like I’m not sure how to do it so they
    don’t get distracted by each other

  7. Faris Jaclyn says:

    Thank you I appreciate that. :3

  8. He’s got a good bark!

  9. Your videos are really helpful. I’m hopefully getting a St Bernard or a
    Labrador retriever in the summer so I’m studying lol

  10. Faris Jaclyn says:

    thank you!

  11. Alejandra Garcia says:

    Hi! What should I do when my puppy is acting aggresive by just having my
    hand in his bowl while he is eating? Is that normal behavior?

  12. beautybabecouture says:

    @Alejandra Garcia – it is normal behavior because the dog is just trying to
    protect their food but some dogs don’t do that and if u don’t try to train
    ur dog to be used to having ur hand in their food bowl sometimes it can
    become dangerous – for example like if ur dogs food bowl is empty and u
    want to give it some food and its trying to lick the bowl or something it
    may run up and bite u

  13. Faris Jaclyn says:

    that makes me so happy glad u like them!

  14. noor al-shareef says:

    you r so cute i love your videos <3

  15. Anais' Room says:

    I’ve watched every one of your videos on this channel today, great videos.

  16. April Williams says:

    Hi I was wondering what type of dog food you use for your puppy

  17. Nick Faulkner says:

    great tips

  18. Very cool, never even heard of this

  19. emilydanziger says:

    if only I could clicker train my sister…lol

  20. SuperKate678 says:

    lol, when I use the clicker thing my pup barks

  21. denkar1891 says:

    Nice tips :) -Dennis

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