Choosing Appropriate Parrot Cages

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Choosing Appropriate Parrot Cages

By Dane J Stanton

Probably one of the hardest things that new parrot owners come across in the early stages of ownership is choosing the right parrot cage for their parrots. There are so many parrot cages out there on the market so you have to make sure you choose wisely.

If you only have one small parrot, then the type of parrot cages you should be looking for are ones that can easily be carried by anyone. Do not go out and buy a super large aviary if you intentions are to just own one or two small budgerigars. This would make no sense now would it? Instead stick to the smaller more compact parrot cages that can easily be moved around the house. This way you can take the cage outside whenever necessary to give your pet parrot or parrots some vital fresh air.

If however you are a more experienced handler and your intentions are to own many magnificent parrots, then the type of parrot cages you should be looking for will be much larger of course. For people looking to purchase such particular parrots such as amazons or grey parrots, then it is recommended that you look for a medium sized cage. Eventually though most people who own these types of birds generally aim to train them well enough so that the cage becomes unnecessary in time. But for the first few months while the parrot is still young it is recommended to keep it in a medium sized cage, big enough so it does not feel like it is in a jail cell!

The next step up of course is an aviary. Aviaries take up a lot of space so before you go out and purchase one you better make sure there is enough space in your back yard! Also instead of buying an aviary, why not make a project of building one? It will save you a lot of money and will also be a lot of fun for you and the kids. Plus when you have finished you can show it off to the neighbours and tell them that it was you who did it. I am sure they will be impressed.

Whatever type of parrot owner you wish to be, there are always a large variety of parrot cages out there on the market to choose from. Get down to the local pet shop and take a look at some and remember to take into consideration how many parrots and which particular types are you wishing to own.

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