Choosing an Effective and Humane Collar | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

Choosing an Effective and Humane Collar | Teacher's Pet With Victoria Stilwell

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Follow eHow Pets for regular tips from Victoria Stilwell and more: While there are many great options for collars to train your dog to walk, there are also many bad collar choices as well. At the very least, bad collars are really ineffective for training your dog. But more often than not, bad collars can seriously hurt your dog, causing physical and psychological injury. Today, I’m going to talk to you about which collars are bad and how these should never, ever be used. I’m also going to talk to you about which collars are really good and effective for positive training of your dog. In Teacher’s Pet, Victoria Stilwell shows you how to employ her Positively Method to train your dog the right way, growing your level of communication to strengthen the bond between you and yo

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21 Responses

  1. 10april00
    | Reply

    Peolpe that use harmful collers are just crap if u agree like

  2. peacefulinvasion
    | Reply

    I believe that if you would not use something on a child than you should NEVER use it on a dog.

    I would never use those collars on my children so i wont use it on my dog.

  3. 15sukanya
    | Reply

    i am saying the same thing. to appreciate other perspectives. They advice not to try this at home because he is taming an unstable animal, he is disciplining them. and cesar reads dogs signals and he loves dogs. he would never wana hurt them ever. i study dogs too! i watched every episode of victoria and cesar atleast thrice. People mix up breeds and do not discipline the animal, cry for help in last minute! he has never put down a dog without trying at his every cell’s best! PERIOD! PEACE OUT!

  4. peacefulinvasion
    | Reply

    Totally agreed. I actually think most of those colars should be banned. There are plenty of techniques you can use to teach a dog to stop tugging that are more humane.

  5. AngelPrincess56
    | Reply

    Victoria can you make a vid on how to toeach your dog their name?

  6. rehanasadique
    | Reply


  7. samiegirly
    | Reply

    I wonder if people just come on youtube to debate with others… and for this comment people will probably yell at me I’m ready

  8. AJ Canobra
    | Reply


  9. rehanasadique
    | Reply

    exactly….those who think these aweful colars dont hurt…

  10. CanineSportsFanatic
    | Reply

    I find it interesting how all you can do is insult me and talk the same pseudoscience nonsense that has been disproved by wolf biologists and behaviourists to support your point. I suggest you look up dog pacification signals and educate yourself. You claim his work speaks for him but why does the NG advise no one tries his methods at home? Why was he sued for forcing a dog to run on a treadmill with a choke collar? It’s important to research and appreciate other perspectives.

  11. peacefulinvasion
    | Reply

    Dude no offense but, she isnt dissing any specific person.

    I still prefer victoria’s methods over ceasar because I agree that not every single action of a dog is an act of violence. Besides that whole walking forty dogs on a leash together was fake done in order to make people in the audience believe that ceasar is a better trainer. Its actually in real life irresponsible to walk 40 dogs at the same time.

  12. elynorgrace
    | Reply

    I said if there is proper use of collar. It’s not I’m punishing. If I’m such a disgrace, then my dog wouldn’t come to welcome me when I arrive home and give me a kiss and a hug. 🙂 Anyway, that’s your opinion. Everybody has their different opinions. Peace!

  13. peacefulinvasion
    | Reply

    I’m proud to say i’ve taught my dog how to walk without pulling on the leash without the use of a shock, pinch, or choke collar 😀

  14. Leyna Truong
    | Reply

    Victoria can you make a video based on how to make a dog get used to there own name?

  15. Rabbitzblue
    | Reply

    dude she needs to put that dog on a diet

  16. Bananabear20
    | Reply

    You are a disgrace if you need to resort to those first three collars to train your dog. Why don’t you actually try devoting time and effort to positively train your dog instead of choking it or hurting it for a quick fix?!

  17. Silivr1
    | Reply

    You think harness = “must pull” in the dog’s mind? Haha, there are numerous sorts of harnesses for different purposes. And what sort of good dog trainer/owner can’t teach a dog to walk properly regardless of what the dog is wearing (or not wearing)? If someone can’t achieve it without resorting to choke/pinch/electricity and other discomforts – it doesn’t sound like a very good trainer then, not worth spending money on.

  18. Monica Martinelli-Richmond
    | Reply

    well done Victoria xxx

  19. nubianfx
    | Reply

    You can tell she is really passionate about this topic..and the fact that people use some of those painful collars. I like that.. She cares about the animals comfort at all times.

  20. smiletolifeLomidia
    | Reply

    Too true bananabear20, So many people don’t think about the dog itself in such inhumane “training aiders”. I mean seriously, would you like it if you were chocked to the point of fainting? Do you think that you would listen properly after basically being tasered. I didn’t think so.

  21. dog coller
    | Reply

    Thanks for this blog on dog coller

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