Cheezburger : Forever Alone Penguin

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

For more funny cats visit

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. BayviewFinch
    | Reply

    He’s the Canadian amongst American sheeple. Looks the same, sounds the same, but does his own thing.

  2. brooklynlulu
    | Reply

    That was a great catch lol. He probably thought, if I stand here looking sad, I just might get that food while their all out there swimming, just maybe 🙂

  3. npmpinto
    | Reply

    @Kaisina13 SO DO I D’X

  4. NyanBunny98
    | Reply

    How can he be so alone when he was viewed by 18, 100 people? 🙂 luv penguin

  5. kennedymeow
    | Reply

    Poor guy looks confused.

  6. riistapulk
    | Reply

    just a bit stoned

  7. TheMakzz
    | Reply

    player is AFK

  8. Shneddep
    | Reply

    so sad :'(

  9. SinDawg030
    | Reply

    Story of my life right there.
    Alternate: Why was I being filmed?

  10. Rando776
    | Reply

    description – For more funny cats visit … WHAT?

  11. therealpowder
    | Reply

    Penguin was more like

    “Naah I don’t fancy going into water, I just pissed there, have fun”

  12. crgron
    | Reply


  13. cinnamonkiss54
    | Reply

    aww 🙁

  14. xBLooDLiNEx808x
    | Reply


  15. Sebizzar
    | Reply

    LoL it did make me kinda sad but the ending ahaha xD

  16. SuperCrazyIdiot
    | Reply

    i actually cried when the music kicked in 🙁

  17. StevenKilleen
    | Reply

    The Nietzschean penguin walks the lonely walk of the solitary one…

  18. TheDoctorRickBlane
    | Reply

    OMG poor penguin!

  19. TheDubstepInformer
    | Reply

    he didn’t have at&t so he didn’t get the text quick enough

  20. pauloabelha
    | Reply

    Calm down, little penguin, you’ll grow up to be a great scientist or have an excellent job…

  21. mickey3131000
    | Reply

    (n´・ω・)η・あぅ~・・・・・Don’t lose……

  22. devilrock78
    | Reply

    maybe…. he just won’t swim in this time ,simply…(・ω・)b

  23. SoyunidiotAelQLeasto
    | Reply

    Mr penguin nobody loves me..

  24. DNTFearTheOyster
    | Reply


  25. lizzurd
    | Reply

    @TheMakzz lol

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