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Up until this morning, our RSS FEED was set to summary feed. I initially selected this option for two reasons that I still think are valid.

(1) MAIN REASON: Because of the many postings here at [The Blog] of articles on a daily basis .. our summary feed has been set of the first 200 characters .. and a notice that if you wanted to continue reading the article … you were to click on the article title to continue. This is much like the “MORE” or “CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING” links that you see everywhere on coverpages of blogs. It gives the reader a quick idea what the post might be all about and the option to continue reading the article, or scan for the next article of interest.

(2) SECONDARY REASON: There’s no doubt that I am trying to monetize this site and trying to get readers to explore this site and stick around. Bloggers like the summary feed option .. because if readers want to continue reading the article, they will have to visit your site by clicking the ‘continue reading’ link. We hope you stick around and enjoy what we have to offer in content .. and we also hope you explore other links and affiliated options that we may present on our pages. And, yes .. in case you do not find what you are looking for .. there is a good chance there maybe the familiar “google” ads that you are all familiar and while it is against google’s Terms of Service to ask you to click on them .. publishers hope you do.

I should note that pet related keywords are probably the lowest paying keywords out there .. and sometimes average around 5 cents per click .. where there are other high paying keywords or phrases out there (like “Mesothelioma” and other medical terms or “Search Engine Optimization” etc) that gives publishers great incentives to try to trick you into clicking their ads ..

I reiterate – my main reason in the past has been for reason (1) above .. But, It’s been a year and half now since this blog began – and I thought I would experiment with traffic for.

Subscribe To Our RSS FEED Through Your Favorite Reader

Just click on the above link to reach our RSS Feed page, then you can add this URL to your favorite RSS Feed reader. This button will always appear at the top of all our pages. Down the right side in the sidebar, there are more options to help simply the adding of our feed to certain feed readers like .. Bloglines (my favorite), Google Reader, Yahoo, AOL, etc etc.

If you are using the new Internet Explorer v7 or Firefox v2 .. if you see this button on your top task bar .. or botton toolbar, you will be able to directly access our feed and add it directly to Bloglines or your favorite RSS Feed reader.

Everytime a new article is published and posted in here at the [The Blog] .. your RSS Feed reader of choice will retrieve the article without you having to come here manually through your bookmarks.

Subscribe To Our Blog Via Email Using The Subscription Option

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Just enter your email address into the above form and a new window will pop up from Feedburner Service asking you to input some image characters to confirm. You will then receive an email requesting that you approve the subscription (so you can’t just sign up other people!). You can opt out at any time and unsubscribe, like any newsletter or ezine.

The nice thing about this .. is that you don’t have to come here through your bookmarks, and you don’t have to keep loading your RSS Feed Reader to see if there are new articles posted. Once a day – you will receive an email containing 100% of the posts for the day, since your last email notification directly into your inbox.

You May Now Advertise on our RSS Feed Directly

Advertise on my RSS feed!

Advertise on my RSS feed!

Feedvertising is an option where you can advertise a text-link-ad directly at the bottom of our RSS Feed entry that goes in readers’ RSS Feed Reader of choice. For every six posts, three spots will be available for advertisers to include their text link on, and it randomizes over with other advertisers .. plus the three spots that are available and I am using for our internal use. Not everybody comes to PetLvr site from their bookmarks, (you can see the feedburn subscriber count icon in the sidebar) and this is another option to advertisers.

As with all other advertising done on my sites .. I am offering a thank-you post once a month (around the 10th) called “Advertiser Appreciation” and providing a permanent link to all advertisers on record at the end of each month-end date here in this blog.

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