Celebrate Pet Parent's Day

In the Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp, Lady Bird feverishly tries to protect her owner’s baby from the rat. While this is a fictional cartoon movie, real life stories of pets protecting their owners and owners caring for their pets happen every day. In an effort to acknowledge these amazing animals and pet owners, Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) Co. has designated Sunday, April 25 as Pet Parent’s Day.

The launch of this holiday was spurred by Sally Benson’s story. She survived a diabetic coma in 2006 because Thor, her German pinscher, dialed 9-1-1. Three years later Thor was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but instead of euthanizing him, Benson did everything she could do to save his life. This included spending $3,000 on treatment and recovery to help him be cancer-free dog he is today.

Although some of us pet owners treat our animals with expensive toys, massages and other luxuries, there is no doubt that it’s more important to show our pets with respect and genuine appreciation for their intelligence and sensitivity. Dogs can be trained to do a variety of tasks including dialing 9-1-1, doing part of the laundry, leading the blind, etc. Even if your pet isn’t trained to care for you, he/she has instincts to protect, and out of love, you will have instincts to defend their life as well.

VPI has compiled a list of pet parents of the year and all of the stories are heartwarming. Instead of these people thinking of their pets as “property” like the word “owner” implies, these individuals care and look after their animals as if they are human family members.

In an effort to celebrate Pet Parent’s Day, VPI has created ten e-cards that you can personalize and email to fellow pet parents. Maybe you will receive one for being an amazing pet parent!

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