Cats Walking On Leashes

Title says it all… My cats Ezekiel, Templeton, and Shiloh walking on leashes in the town of Oakland.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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12 Responses

  1. tinjmail
    | Reply

    Hi, it will be my first time walking a cat on a leash. But I live in NYC-many cars, dogs, people. I don't know if I should just walk my cat back and forth on my block only. But I really want the cat to get to know my neighborhood- just in case if he ever get lost, he will know how to get back home. What do you think?

  2. Dethancooper
    | Reply

    Lovely idea….but that depends where you live. In most urban communities its irresponsible for cats to be running free. Our cats howl to be on leash. We walk ours individually and go whereever THEY want. Which includes attacking prey and walking through bushes (and climbing trees). Though…..ummmm….I can't climb trees. We always carry spray bottles with water and pepper spray for bad dogs (bad owners)

  3. Belle Nerf
    | Reply

    Remember everyone, do NOT use a collar leash on a cat. Use a harness otherwise they can hang themselves and snap their necks.

  4. who turgled?
    | Reply

    It's cute that they randomly decide to take a break and sit down.

  5. lostindreams3
    | Reply

    This video > everything else

  6. Charles Hammond Jr
    | Reply

    Dogs and cats walk with a different emphasis considering the territory they're in.

    Dogs walk in a sense to relieve energy and go on patrol.

    Cats examine things by smell… they examine EVERY thing by smell… as if they're constantly hunting or expecting company.

  7. Lee Owen
    | Reply

    they must be dogs

  8. Deborah Trevino
    | Reply

    Cutest video ever!

  9. Deborah Trevino
    | Reply

    I need to get a leash for my cats..they have been wanting to go outside 🙂

  10. PurdyBear1
    | Reply

    This is too funny, and so explains the cats behaviour. Each wanted to go their own way and couldn't so sat down, until they decided maybe the first way was more interesting.

  11. Shawna Newman
    | Reply

    my cat padfoot soo loves being outside on a leash with a harness and shows off for everyone what a good boy he is.

  12. Jessica B
    | Reply

    cute kitties.

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