Rest In Peace – Maxxie – December 20, 2012

It was a sad day for me, personally, as I held my long-time pet and companion in my arms as we put him down to sleep forever. Here are a few videos over the years, including one taken yesterday … [Read more...]

There Is Still Time To Enter Zuke’s Custom Tote Bag Contest – Ends Midnight April 30, 2011

ENTER TO WIN!! Zuke's Custom Tote Bag Contest - Worth $100 USD - Filled With Zuke's Dog and Cat Treats! (.. click on the logo for details ..) Meanwhile ..... Zuke's graciously sent my … [Read more...]

Happy Belated 5th Birthday – PetLvr Blog for Pet Lovers

May 31, 2010 marked the fifth year that the PetLvr Blog for Pet Lovers blog (formerly known as - [The Blog]) has been in existence. [insert cheers, applause and whistles here] My blogging … [Read more...]

Thank-You Purina Chef Michaels

I recently had the opportunity to post some news last Valentine's Day (PURINA® CHEF MICHAEL’S® DECLARES DOGS THE NEW VALENTINES IN 2010) and in conjunction with some other news, and interview … [Read more...]

Happy New Year 2010

I thought I would just roll out the new year with a few silly pictures of our Papillon dogs Maxxie and Sophie. During Christmas and the holiday break - whenever we had company - we made them wear … [Read more...]

Update To Our 2009 Pet Halloween Costume Contest

Extension Of The Listing Of The Official Prize List Um, yeah - sorry about that .. me bad! - I posted earlier that I would be listing a complete prize list on October 15, 2009 (which is today) .. … [Read more...]

Win PRIZES with PetLvr's 2009 Pet Halloween Costume Contest

Help Us Find The *BEST* Pet Halloween Costume for 2009! Okay, okay! It doesn't have to be the best! But, HART has been accumulating products from vendors over the year and will be giving them away to … [Read more...]

Win CASH with PetLvr's 2008 Pet Halloween Costume Contest

Help Us Find The *BEST* Pet Halloween Costume for 2008! Okay, okay! It doesn't have to be the best! But, HART will pay you $$$ money to dress up your pet anyway (be it your dog, cat, rabbit, rat, … [Read more...]

The Cutest Flickr Slideshow That You'll Ever See!

And who would have thunk it - the slideshow is of my own pets!! This week, I upgraded to the PRO flickr account and have been starting to upload various types of pictures to the internet, in my … [Read more...]

My New Doggie Trailer

Happy Canada Day Everybody! I'm out at the beach now .. and wanted to show you all my *New!* Doggie Trailer! I was sooooooooo proud of myself last summer, when I bought a used baby trailer and … [Read more...]

Weddings And Your Pet

My wife and I married in a Medieval Themed Style wedding back in the summer of 2002. Our only Papillon dog (at the time), Maxxie, played a major part in it. It was an outdoor wedding and afterwards … [Read more...]

Maxxie's Morning Ritual

Every morning, our two Papillon dogs .. Maxxie (on the right) and Sophie (on the left) wait patiently for their "morning ritual" treats.... <img … [Read more...]

New Author on PetLvr!

My name is Jelena, and I'm a new author on the "LVR" series of blogs. You can find my author page here. As you can see from my list of pets -- one dog, one cat, twelve rats, a hedgehog, a turtle, and … [Read more...]

Meet My Fuzzy Buddy – Giol

This is a guest post from my friend Brigid from Blog Catalog who is the author and artist of Mary Quite Contrary (MQC) and just happens to be quite the "BunnyLvr" :D Meet Giol Everybody! This is … [Read more...]

Britain's Got Talent 2 – Gin The Dog

What an "Absolutely Fabulous" thing to see such talent in such a widely viewed medium! Go Gin Go! Enjoy :) * From YouTube Description: Gin The Dog's 1st Appearance On Britain's Got Talent 2 ... … [Read more...]

Testing WordPress 2.5 Image Gallery

* See how I did this .. over on the HART-Empire site … [Read more...]

Compilation of Beautiful Pet Pictures

These interesting pet related pictures were FWD'ed into my email INBOX the other day, with the subject "Beautiful Pictures". If you know where they originated from, please drop me a note in the … [Read more...]

Papillon Picture! Papillon Picture!

Well .. it's "Tax Time" again for me .. and, I just got over one of the first deadlines - 'T4 Season'. In addition to me trying to get out all of my monthly bookkeeping clients' work out the door .. … [Read more...]

Maxxie Is Out And In Good Spirits

We took Maxxie out of his 14 day isolation stay in his Kennel last Thursday evening around supper time. If you weren't aware, he suddenly was unable to stand on his hind two feet and was diagnosed … [Read more...]

Update: Day 7 of Maxxie In A Cage

Poor Maxxie :( It's been a week now since we took Maxxie to the vet last thursday and found out he had Canine Degenerative Disc Disease and recommended that he be locked up in a cage for 2 full … [Read more...]

CAGED: Maxxie with Canine Degenerative Disc Disease

We probably should have noticed some of the symptoms last Thursday ... but, we never expected this to happen and we were quite occupied with the preparation of two Christmas celebrations on Monday and … [Read more...]

I have to try this with our cat

I wonder what Zeussie Pussy Cat would say? UPDATE: Memo - Found from Stumbling to THIS site … [Read more...]

WANTED: Pictures Of Your Pet In A Halloween Costume

Calling All PetLvrs... * Help Me Fill up my photo gallery - - [Blog Gallery] - of Pets in Halloween Costumes! Please consider taking a photo of your pet in a halloween costume, and … [Read more...]

Results of the August 28, 2007 Dog Fashion Show

It was a Fundraiser Event! On August 28, 2007 ... my wife and I, along with Maxxie and Sophie attended a dog fashion show presented by D'arcy's A.R.C. (Animal Rescue Center) and Pawsh Pet Boutique … [Read more...]

A Bunny and a Goat

Here is a video of a friend from Blog Catalog ... the YouTube description goes like this: These two are pretty good friends but of course when I wanted to show that they started to play a little … [Read more...]

Jilli Dog and the Magic Card Trick

According to the YouTube description: Tiny Yorkshire Terrier Jilli Dog does a cool magic card trick with her trainer Rick Caran. Jilli is the only poker playing dog in the … [Read more...]

D'arcy Animal Rescue Center and Pawsh Pet Boutique Present: Fall Fashion Show For Dogs and Fundraiser For Fipper

Thursday TUESDAY August 28, 2007 - 7:00pm - Winnipeg, Manitobad'oh! Just a reminder: Brenda Puttaert owner/designer for Doggie Duds will be the m.c. She is the exclusive designer for Pawsh and will … [Read more...]

Abie and Axel Von Barren Berg – Derek's newest puppies

Here are the two newest editions to our family, Abie (left) and Axel Von Barren Berg.  Abie is a sable female, born April 2nd, and Axel is a black and tan male born May 28th. They share the same … [Read more...]

Sugar Glider Video

Yesterday, our friends invited us over to their "pool party". I was suprised how domesticed the family of chipmunks that live within her cracks of her sidewalks were! Chipmunks love to collect peanuts … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Our Papillon #2 turns 5-years old today July 20th ... Here are a few pictures from my first post on the PapillonLvr Blog over HERE PICTURES OF OUR PURE BRED PAPILLON DOG (place mouse over picture for … [Read more...]

My Doggie Trailer

I'm at the beach right now, on my laptop with my new EVDO card access .. having my morning cup of coffee. In a few minutes, my wife will be out jogging for about an hour and half to two hours around … [Read more...]

It's PapillonLvr Time!

I just took Maxxie and Sophie out back for a quick romp along the creek .. (they're our two Papillon dogs) .. and thought to myself .. "Geez .. they look so cute running around like that! I wish I … [Read more...]

We Have Demoted Our Papillon Dog Maxxie To .. Just A Pet Dog

Meet Maxxie .. The Dog Who Has Been Peeing In Our House Lately Maxxie's a good dog. He's about 9 years old now. Although it would appear that Maxxie is really a "mama's boy" ... and our other dog … [Read more...]

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