Tips for How to Travel With Your Dog

Bringing your beloved pet along on a trip can be a very pleasant experience if you follow a few simple guidelines. Whether it’s just for a short holiday trip or for a cross-country relocation, you … [Read more...]

Bringing a Puppy into the Family

Picking out a new puppy is a joyful experience, but it's important to properly prepare for the newcomer. Purchasing supplies ahead of time and carefully planning the first days with the new pet will … [Read more...]

Introducing Your Dog to Gunfire

If you plan on using your dog for sport, nothing can be more frustrating than a dog that is gun shy. While all dogs are different, if introduced to gunfire properly, you should diminish the likelihood … [Read more...]

Introducing the New Baby to Your Pets

Your fur baby is the love of your life, but Fido or Fluffy is about to take a backseat to the newest arrival. Not only is a baby a huge adjustment for you, it’s also a big change for your pet. Don’t … [Read more...]

Dog Nail Trimming — Tips for Clipping a Frightened Pet’s Nails

Dogs can get extremely frightened by nail clippers. In fact, many pets get very dramatic during the nail trimming process, with lots of yelping, whining and sometimes, screaming! The vocalizations can … [Read more...]

Pet Training Tools — Cat Alarms

Cat alarms are an extremely effective pet training tool, especially if you're trying to prevent your cat from accessing a particular location (or an area where he has been engaging in mischievous … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Cat to Stop Clawing Furniture, Rugs and Woodwork

Cats are known for their tendency to claw furniture, doorframes, carpeting, a corner where two walls meet and other undesirable locations. This can cause significant damage and aggravation for cat … [Read more...]

Exercises to Help a Submissive Dog

In an extremely submissive dog, there are a number of exercises that you can try to use as confidence-building activities. By building confidence and eliminating extreme submissive attitude, your dog … [Read more...]

How to Help a Dog With Submissive Urination

  Dogs who engage in submissive urination can be difficult pets, as they're consistently producing puddles and correcting the dog can do more harm than good. In fact, many dogs who engage in … [Read more...]

Is My Dog Submissive?

Have you ever wondered, "Is my dog submissive?" In moderation, submission is a good trait in a dog, as the owner should be the alpha in the relationship. But extreme submissive behaviors can be … [Read more...]

How to Prevent Your Dog From Chewing the Leash

Is your dog chewing the leash? It's an annoying and potentially dangerous problem, as the leash could unexpectedly break due to damage. Fortunately, there are a few simple measures that can enable you … [Read more...]

Dog Training For Baby Boomers

A lot of people have pets and most have either a cat or a dog. Pets are more common in the households of older people and as the large baby boomer generation grows older, it will lead to a substantial … [Read more...]

Simple House Training Methods for Puppies

If you have just brought a new puppy or dog into your family and plan for them to be a house dog, getting your new pet house trained should be your first priority. There are several dog house training … [Read more...]

Dog Training Tips -The Heart To Discipline Your Puppies

Aside from giving your pup the opportunity to avoid temptation of trouble and destruction around the house when you are not looking, its crate is also a practical piece of dog furniture to have around … [Read more...]

Quick Tips For Housebreaking A Puppy

There are some quick tips for housebreaking a puppy that will be very easy to accomplish if you are patient and committed to the task. When you get your puppy and begin to plan a housebreaking … [Read more...]

Raising An Intelligent Dog

When you are training a dog sometimes it is hard to tell if they are intelligent or not. If you consider intelligence as the ability to learn, before you make judgment on your dog's intelligence, you … [Read more...]

Training Dogs to Wear a Halloween Costume

Many pet parents enjoy dressing their dogs in Halloween costumes. Unfortunately, dogs tend not to enjoy the activity quite as much as their humans do! Introduce a Halloween costume to your dog slowly … [Read more...]

Blending Households with Pets

When two people move in together, dozens of issues must be considered: Furniture, sharing rent and utilities, schedules, grocery shopping, closet space, chores, laundry.... with so much to focus on, … [Read more...]

Group Riding Lessons Versus Private Instruction

When enrolling in horseback riding lessons, one must choose between group lessons and private instruction.  Each instructional method has advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, most riders should … [Read more...]

Best Age to Adopt a Puppy

Is it better to adopt a younger puppy than an older one? Many states prohibit the sale of puppies under eight weeks old, but the myth persists that a puppy will bond more closely with its owner if … [Read more...]

PetLvr Reviews: Thundershirts

Welcome to PetLvr Reviews, a new series here at PetLvr - The Blog, where we take a time-out to look at some interesting and (not-so-interesting) pet related products. If you would like your product … [Read more...]

Taking Your Dog to Cafes

Every dog lover smiles upon seeing a happy pooch parked outside a cafe or bistro with his owner, lying under a table or sitting on his own chair to smile at passers-by. But how do you get your own dog … [Read more...]

How to Stop Dogs from Begging at the Table

Nothing puts a person off their food like a begging dog. A wet nose on the knee followed by a puddle of drool isn't the least bit appetizing. Even if you don't mind your own dog begging at the table, … [Read more...]

Why Do Cats Chew?

Pet owners expect dogs and puppies to chew, but it's somehow much more surprising when a cat starts chewing. Cats that chew often target books, lampshades, curtains and other similar household items. … [Read more...]

When You Shouldn't Train Your Dog

I frequently write about the importance of daily training sessions for all dogs. Pet dogs are happier, healthier and more obedient if training is reinforced daily. Sessions don't need to be lengthy or … [Read more...]

Why Do Cats Have Accidents When Their Owners Leave Town?

Cat owners often complain that their cats are "jealous" or "get revenge" by urinating and defecating inappropriately after being left alone during an owner's vacation. This myth is so pervasive that … [Read more...]

What to Do When a Training Session Gets Frustrating

We've all been there: In the midst of a training session, things go downhill. Your dog looks at you like you've grown a second head, even when you give a cue he should know backwards, forwards, and … [Read more...]

Choosing a Collar for Your Puppy

So you've got a new puppy. One of the first things you'll need to do is choose a collar that the puppy will wear, either all the time or only on walks. There are numerous styles and materials of dog … [Read more...]

How to Stop Horses from Anticipating Cues

Anticipation is a common problem in horses in all disciplines, particularly those that are advancing rapidly in their training and learning new things. All horses may anticipate cues, but hot-blooded … [Read more...]

Reasons to Throw Your Dog's Electric Bark Collar Away

Does your dog wear a bark collar? If so, it would make my day if you removed that collar right now and threw it into the trash can. It's not necessary, may be harmful behaviorally and physically, and … [Read more...]

Why I Do Not Like The Invisible Fence

by Richard McLaughlin "Invisible Fence® Brand has been keeping dogs and cats safe at home by providing pet owners with trusted technology, proven training procedures - and total peace of mind." - … [Read more...]

Training Toy Breed Dogs

Toy dogs (members of the AKC Toy Group) are becoming more and more popular every day, but many owners don't take the time to train these dogs. Training toy breeds represents unique challenges, but … [Read more...]

Keeping Cats off Counters

Cats love countertops. They provide a high vantage point from which a cat can observe goings-on in the kitchen, they often have tasty crumbs or good smells on  them, and it drives their owners nuts … [Read more...]

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