Familiarizing Yourself With Different Parrot Species


By Low Jeremy Fascinated to the world of the fast-talking, fun-loving parrots? Are you contemplating on the idea of getting one as your pet bird? If you have plans of purchasing one in the future, then … Read More

Parrot Pets In Edmonton


By Low Jeremy Known as the Gateway to the North, Edmonton in Alberta, Canada is a popular commercial, manufacturing, and transportation center situated in an agricultural and mining area. Having a rich agricultural area, Edmonton is … Read More

Eclectus Parrot Overview


Eclectus Parrot Overview By Michael Russell Eclectus parrots are extremely beautiful birds. The males and females look so different that is used to be thought that they were entirely different species! They are wonderful birds that … Read More

First Aid for Parrots


First Aid for Parrots By Marilu Anderson Unfortunately, accidents can – and DO happen, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared! While accidents usually produce obvious injuries, illnesses are often kept well hidden by … Read More

Parrot Keeping


Parrot Keeping By Silvanus Koh Parrots are becoming more popular as pets with each passing day. This is evidenced by the proliferation of Internet discussion lists which provide access to information regarding parrot care and behavior. … Read More

5 Ways to Pamper Your Parrot


5 Ways to Pamper Your Parrot By Taylor Knight We are all busy these days and I know it’s hard to meet all the demands in your life. But, it’s time for a breather. Take an … Read More

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