What You Need To Know About Bathing An Elderly Dog

Dogs are one of the most adorable and benign living beings on Earth and no one can understand this sentence more than dog lovers. As with growing age, humans need special care your senior dog also … [Read more...]

Boo and woof! Have the best and safest Halloween with your pup

    Photo by Pixabay It’s almost time for the most fun time of year: Halloween! While you are ready to have a fantastic time with your friends, your dog should be considered, too. … [Read more...]

Tips for Rescuing Dogs and Cats Abandoned in Foreclosed Homes

It’s an unfortunate fact that the foreclosure crisis facing American families will affect more than the two legged residents. Family pets are often the unintended victims when homeowners are forced to … [Read more...]

Pet Travel- Know More Safest & Different Ways

When you decide to travel and intend taking your pet along, to the initial step is to find out the most comfortable and safest mode of transport so that your pet is in no way terrified and scared. … [Read more...]

Shake a paw with the Master Miss Cricket – by Mary Helen Ferris

Here is a poem by my good friend Mary Helen Ferris, shown on the left. . I hope you visit her Greatpoetrymhf's Weblog and check out her other poetry collection. You can also find her on Empire Avenue … [Read more...]

Thursday thoughts with Torrey

Thursday thoughts with Torrey Mom says she knows what i'm thinking most of the time, she could be right. But don't all of us dogs think the same?    Yes, I really love my … [Read more...]

Zuke’s Custom Tote Bag Contest – Worth $100 USD – Filled With Zuke’s Dog and Cat Treats!

The Contest Zuke's, healthy and all-natural dog & cat treats made in the USA with no fillers, additives, corn, wheat or soy, wants to know what your pet's favorite Zuke's product is! All you … [Read more...]

Our New Shih Tzu Puppy Snax

It has now been a little over a week since we brought home the newest edition to the family, our new Shih tzu puppy Snax. I have always had big dogs and wasn't quite sold on a little dog until my wife … [Read more...]

Last Call for RSS Feed URL Change and Subscriptions Options

Please note that our RSS Feed had CHANGED when we did our major upgrade in January 2011 and the redirection will expire this Friday February 25, 2011. If you want to continue to receive our daily … [Read more...]

Remember Your Pets This Holiday Season

Remember Your Pets This Holiday Season By J Gardener In the Martin household, last Christmas Eve was typical, for a family with two children under six. Marci and Dan got the kids to bed as early as … [Read more...]

Aquatic Style Wall Mounted Aquarium

Aquatic Style Wall Mounted Aquarium By David Yearwood Wall mounted aquariums offer a unique, dramatic effect, without occupying precious floor space. In both professional and home settings, wall … [Read more...]

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