The Loss Of A Friend – Our Cat Colonel


I was thinking of pets that I have now and pets that I have loved and lost and I wanted to share a special story of how wonderful animals are, how heart wrenching their passing can … Read More

Fighter in the Community Tank: Mixing Betas


You have probably seen hundreds of them sitting in small plastic cups in various pet stores and you may have had a few Betas of your own, each one swimming gently in a little tank that … Read More

Toilet Training Your Cat


If you remember my introduction, you will recall that I have two cats. Both are kitty litter trained and although I know how to toilet train them, neither of them are. The main (and probably only) … Read More

Buying A Lizard: Pet Store Or Breeder?


Over the last few years, I have noticed the trend of purchasing pets from pet stores has gradually shifted to purchasing pets from breeders. More and more pet stores have moved away from selling larger pets, … Read More

Fatally Cute


About 5 years ago, I found myself looking for a new puppy. My old dog Zodian, had passed away a year before and it had taken me over a year to adjust to the idea of … Read More

New Author on PetLvr Blog – Sirena Van Schaik


Hello to everyone here at PetLvr and the HART-Empire network. I am very happy to be contributing and hope that I can bring you many interesting posts that will keep you enthralled in the pet world … Read More

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