A guide to London Aquarium


Last week, I was able to visit London Aquarium and I thought that I would take some photos so that I share my experience and write a short guide about what you can expect from the … Read More

Aquarium Location


One of the first things that you will think about when planning to keep pet fish is where you are going to position the aquarium in your home. The most obvious concern will be to find … Read More

Aquarium design


Fish tanks are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Before you purchase your first aquarium it is important to consider how different designs will affect your fish. Aquarium size In terms of … Read More

Another New Author on PetLvr!


Hello to all readers of the LVR series of blogs and everyone who is part of the HART network. My name is Robert, you can find my author page here . I will be here at … Read More

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