Exotic Breed Profile: The African Gray


If they were handing out superlatives in the bird world, the African Gray parrot just might win “most intelligent feathered friend.” This gorgeous bird, a native of Africa, is known for its smarts. While many parrots … Read More

Knowing Your African Grey Parrot


By Low Jeremy African Grey parrots have been popular pets since the time of King Henry VIII of England. Because of its ability to speak, more and more affluent families adopted the possession of this parrot. … Read More

Setting Up The African Grey Parrot’s Environment – Cage, Perches, Care And More


By Jamie Turner African Grey Parrots thrive on activity. In the wild they are very social amongst their own species and forage the forest in groups to search for food. They need to run around, climb, … Read More

Familiarizing Yourself With Different Parrot Species


By Low Jeremy Fascinated to the world of the fast-talking, fun-loving parrots? Are you contemplating on the idea of getting one as your pet bird? If you have plans of purchasing one in the future, then … Read More

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