Cat vs Blu-ray player

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description – more funny videos

What do you think?

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  1. Filmed in Russia?

  2. Filmed in Russia? ロシアに撮ったの?

  3. MrMKWRacer says:

    so cute cat :3

  4. TakochanTube says:


  5. What kind of cat is this?

  6. loverlover2 says:

    Silly puss 😀 so cute 🙂

  7. GodDestiny1 says:


  8. cheatcodedude1 says:

    1:39 cat’s thoughts “I think the magic box is broken”

  9. venezia82 says:

    ale syf w mieszkaniu … wszędzie pełno kabli

  10. かわいいなぁ

  11. haha…Nice cat

  12. tryhardgangsters says:

    i guess cats have mongoose,meerkat,and tiger blood in them

  13. napalm0nipples says:

    0:09 “WHAT IS THIS? I DON’T EVEN…”

  14. 这只猫。。超赞的。。i think im gonna die laughin…

  15. Atlantiz78 says:

    Какая славная киса!

  16. russiabvr says:

    От удивления аж на попу садится ))) Спасибо, смеялись когда смотрели. Привет коту 🙂

  17. Press 8 for awesomnesss?

  18. Ormusn2o says:

    A on tam siedzi i zawija je w te sreberka.

  19. @J1ZZ3D *Spam 9

  20. 4iganella says:

    Press 8 repeatedly for cat dance!

  21. sonnyboo says:


  22. dlo0olb says:

    beautiful cat, curious as usual – great simple home video!

  23. igor79377 says:

    забавно =)

  24. MegaBeast131 says:

    Котэ недоумевае

  25. ShayneFisher says:


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