Cat Training in 10 Minutes

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Cats are intelligent curious animals that enjoy learning new behaviors adn skills. THis book will show you how to train your cat in just minutes a day. The training is based on positive reinforcement, so it really works and enhances the cat-owner bond.

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3 Responses

  1. M. Mills "inquisitive designer"
    | Reply

    The definitive resource for clicker training After reading the reviews of this book and the similar by Karen Pryor, I purchased both so that I could compare them and possibly benefit from two different sources. However, after reading both manuals and having been clicker training my cat for several months now, I can say with absolute certainty that Cat Training in 10 Minutes is far superior in quality and content to Karen Pryor’s book.1. Comprehensiveness of Clicker Theory: 5/5 stars. The theory used in Cat Training in 10 Minutes is operant conditioning. Using a clicker followed by a reward, you can reinforce desired behavior in your cat. Verbal commands (come, sit) as well as specific hand signals are incorporated in this book. I find the hand signals to be just as essential as the verbal commands: upon seeing the signal, my cat immediately knows which action she is to perform and will begin to do it even before I give the verbal command.2. Accessibility: 5/5 stars. Cat Training in 10 Minutes is written in easy-to-follow expository style, with occasional narrative anecdotes. It has color photos on every page depicting the specific command/action, how to signal with your hand, and how your cat will likely react. The instructions are clearly numbered and succinct.3. Organization: 5/5 stars. The first chapter is an introduction that discusses the theory behind clicker training and the tools you’ll need. Each following chapter covers one specific command/type of behavior, and the chapters are arranged from easy to hard. There are a few “bonus” chapters at the end of the book that discuss cats in our lives, correcting bad behavior, and professional/movie industry cat trainers. I was pleasantly surprised by this last chapter: it was an enjoyable read and informative to boot.4. Correcting Undesirable Behavior: 2/5 stars. In this book’s sole weak spot, the author discusses only furniture scratching, inconsistent litter box use, and walking on countertops. Despite this chapter’s short length, I personally found it to be more helpful than its counterpart in Ms. Pryor’s book. Why? Because Cat Training in 10 Minutes actually lists specific instructions for correcting bad behavior using a clicker. I’ve implemented some of these tactics, especially regarding furniture scratching, with my own cat and have had great success.5. Helpful/Extra Features: 5/5 stars. First, the author’s short anecdotes are contained in colorful call-out boxes along the side of the page, which lends a nice organizational layout to the text and keeps the instructional body uncluttered. Second, and perhaps more importantly, the book has several appendices (hand signals, adoption/rescue resources) and an alphabetical index.In summary, I highly recommend Cat Training in 10 Minutes to anyone looking to clicker train their cat, as its quality and content are head-and-shoulders above Karen Pryor’s book. Good luck, and here’s to your cat learning some great new tricks!

  2. V. Smatt
    | Reply

    cat training …. it works ! I found this book quick and easy to read and effective. I have already adopted several of the suggested tactics on our kitten (4 mos old) and now have a cat that comes when called by name, comes when you say come, and is in the process of being toilet trained. So far everything suggested has worked , and we are optimistic that the toilet training will work too! I have had a number of cats over the years, never before tried the training suggested in this book and I highly recommend this book.

  3. Angela L. Pruente "Angji-aka Sweet Pineapple"
    | Reply

    Buy this book! I purchased this book and another entitled “Getting Started: Clicker Training for Cats”. The latter is absolutely useless! It is filled with antedotes and very little to almost no instruction. What a waste. “10 mintues” is the only book you need to clicker train your feline. My very energetic kitten has responded almost instantly to clicker training. It gives her something to do and think about, as well as use all the excess energy! After three 10 minute sessions my kitten targets, comes, sits, and twirls, as well as taking treats from my hand politely. What more can I say? Buy this book!

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