Cat Scratch Tips: How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Cat Scratch Tips: How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching If your kitty could get a manicure, no doubt she wou…

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34 Responses

  1. Nocturnalux
    | Reply

    My cat ignored the scratching post for months on end…then I got a kitty
    who immediately took to the post. Next thing I know, the big cat is
    scratching the poll as well…but is still too fond of sofas.

  2. Stephen R
    | Reply

    sort of OT but when my aunt’s cat had kittens one of them was clawing on my
    leg like it was a scratching post. That HURT! lol.

  3. Tayler Made
    | Reply

    call me cruel but I kept a small spray bottle of water near where the cat
    was scratching. every time she went to scratch the chair I gave her a
    spray. it worked pretty quickly lol.

  4. mike hughes
    | Reply

    Our cat just demolished our $1600 sectional leather sofa …Are there any
    particular reasons that he could have done this only after we re arranged
    our living room , He never did it before ? and we have 3 posts in the house
    already // none of which he uses now ..

  5. Ellie Alcala
    | Reply

    My cat keeps scratching my sofa after I bought him a cat scratcher, ive
    putten it in each spot he keeps scratching at, he doesn’t scratch the
    scratching post one bit, how can I fix this?! My cat is driving me crazy
    with scratching the sofa, please help me >.<

  6. Ellie Alcala
    | Reply

    I just barely did that with my cat, I spread his claws and ran his nails on
    the scratching post a few times… I am hoping itll help for him.

  7. CharmGirl1432
    | Reply

    Tabby cat! I LOVE tabbies!

  8. Howdini
    | Reply

    Glad that this helped out! 🙂

  9. jampitts
    | Reply

    @Sogwa Why yes, yes I do own two cats, and my previous twenty two pound
    black and white cat was with me for 12 years. I had all of my cats declawed
    for $50.00 each (as I stated, it was a non-surgical procedure) and the
    bandages were off the next morning. They felt nothing. You are a complete
    idiot! And yes, I am an English teacher. Yes, you are ignorant. What type
    of degree do you have? $600.00 ROFL.

  10. cdnstudman
    | Reply

    ha ha, true

  11. lina1446
    | Reply

    when i get my mind on something i want to do u might as well try to stop a

  12. jampitts
    | Reply

    It is called non-surgical declawing, duh. Any vet in Ohio knows the
    procedure I would assume that ALL vets know about this. My first cat had
    the procedure in 1996. It is nothing new. You ask the most ignorant
    questions that are already answered in previous posts. Quit being an idiot
    and read, dummkopf. By the way I don’t need or take meds, I am certain you
    must, however.

  13. Pooshooter5k
    | Reply

    Why would you post this on youtube. just go get it done and shut up about
    it. You don’t need to brag to the world.

  14. prototypesltw
    | Reply

    Thank you very much for the video, very helpful 😀

  15. jampitts
    | Reply

    @Sogwa Are you crazy? Declawing costs $60.00. The cat has no pain at all.
    Thebandages come off the next day! 3 weeks to recover? You are just stupid.

  16. Howdini
    | Reply

    Ouch! That must have been PAINFUL! I hope that did not get infected! 🙁

  17. JerzeyJon9
    | Reply

    @PIN3H3ADGUNPOWDER i hope you get raped by a large black man

  18. fiendlovesdaunt
    | Reply

    i think doctor miller is hot and her voice is attractive…lol arnt we
    soppose to be talking about cats and not how doctor miller speaks…..??

  19. Hanshi Kevin Pereira
    | Reply

    she is hot lol

  20. kailan121
    | Reply

    @prinnreathatros That’s some hardcore advertising XD

  21. FoodOrFail
    | Reply

    @MrMMABoy Just some thoughts…: Hide the wires as much as possible. Maybe
    use duct tape to tape it down to the floor/wall/desk/whatever. Buy your cat
    a chewy toy–preferably no toxic plastics, tho! Thick leather cord from a
    craft shop might be the perfect substitute?

  22. grettagrids
    | Reply

    @svtcontour no but SHOES are not expensive like a computer is and cats are
    disposable to me anyhow. I no longer own any. besides my dog is waaayyy
    smarter then a cat.

  23. Jo Singer
    | Reply

    BRAVO!!!!!!!!!! Great information!!!!

  24. musicamovita
    | Reply

    I don’t mind my cat scratching my couch or my bed (I got ’em at Goodwill
    for a total of $100, eh) but I didn’t like it scratching my carpet because
    I’m going to have to pay for it when I move out of my apartment and the pet
    deposit probably won’t cover the damage he’s done. Different people,
    different situations, ya know? If the couch was one of my room mates and
    not mine, I would have to pay for that, too.

  25. jampitts
    | Reply

    @Sogwa No, I didn’t misread your post, ignoramous. You clearly stated it
    took 3 weeks to recover from declawing. I don’t care what you are
    responding to, that is what you stated. You also made the ignorant
    statement of $600.00 when it is $60.00. Not to mention your reply to me
    says spade/neuter. Did you hit the kitty with a shovel or perhaps a playing
    card? Spayed is the past tense of spay. So you used a misspelled past tense
    and used a present tense neuter instead of neutered. You are a genius!

  26. legendarybloodfang
    | Reply

    if you dont like your cat then y do u own one

  27. MustardMonkeyLtd
    | Reply

    Thanks for an amazing video, I found it so interesting. I am fascinated by
    anything related to furniture. Can’t wait to see more!

  28. Drew Miller
    | Reply

    @PIN3H3ADGUNPOWDER Arent you so smart! I think we should all side behind
    this person because they say what a lot of other people say…what a fuckin
    genius! Way to jump on the bandwagon to make sure everybody thinks you’re
    edgy and hip! You should make your own club…something like “We are not ze
    Americans!” or just “Nazi’s” for short, wait….you already did that…oh
    well, I’m sure Germany will be remembered for the invention of the
    television, not the mass genocide of a group of people

  29. misspinkpunkykat
    | Reply

    @MrMMABoy I think there are long thick tubes you can put on them to prevent
    them. Offer things the cat CAN chew.

  30. Arlene Priest
    | Reply

    thank you so much! i just got a kitten who is 3 months, how to i trim the
    nails without hurting them though? i am scared to do it cause i might hurt

  31. Imeh Smith
    | Reply

    @PIN3H3ADGUNPOWDER ls that why u spell Canada w/ a K instead of the C like
    it’s supposed to be? Being u have major emotional issues, why is it that ur
    allowed 2 freely roam ur/our cities but they quickly spray/neuter innocent
    pets?! Declawing is painful but getting them spayed or neutered is OK?!?!
    How hypocritical. Both r painful. They won’t castrate rapists claiming
    cruelty! Never once have a pet raped someone! Lunatic humans? Many time! lf
    it’s OK 4 Meow, then it’s OK 4 u!

  32. V vasilia
    | Reply

    whoops to late 00:47

  33. Angela Burse
    | Reply

    roflmfao i have one of those ..sory doesnt work

  34. disbuylshite
    | Reply

    @PIN3H3ADGUNPOWDER cool story bro

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