Cat Grooming Tips : Cat Grooming: Shedding

Indoor/outdoor cats develop thicker coats that shed more. Learn how to deal with cat shedding from a veterinarian in this free pet care video. Expert: Tracy Carreiro Bio: Tracy Carreiro is member of The Faxon Animal Rescue League. The League was founded in 1913 to help overworked and abused draft horses. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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8 Responses

  1. muzic29
    | Reply

    Any pet store or even the dollar store.

  2. Dulama Mahrus
    | Reply

    well you know i don’t give my cat treats unless if i want her to learn something so i rarely feed her treats
    so when i want her to do something i will do it step by step and every single step i give her a treat
    that way i made her used to most of the things that i wanted her to learn.

  3. SelGomez789
    | Reply

    it happens all the time with my 1st cat Mittens

  4. Divertentevids
    | Reply

    Thumbs up if you’d bone that old lady

  5. Divertentevids
    | Reply

    That cat has 3 penises.

  6. tempusero1
    | Reply

    alot of cat food companies do anti-furball food that helps cats to digest the fur instead of expelling it by coughing fur balls up, jope this info helps:)

  7. meishcreature
    | Reply

    you can get it at a pet store or most big branch store that sell pet supplies… (i.e.: walmart, kmart, canadian tire, zellers, etc…)

    they have different kinds, i personally prefer the one with the metal bristles ‘cuz my kitty has uber long fur so it’s easier to brush through and i usually add a little water (if kitty isn’t fresh out of a bath), she enjoys it more than way ^_^

  8. JuicyMoonLight
    | Reply

    where do you buy a brush for cats?

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