Cat Care : How Do I Train My Cat to Do Tricks?

Teaching a cat to do tricks creates a great opportunity for bonding. Train cats to do tricks with tips from a cat behaviorist in this free video on pets and …

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49 Responses

  1. Aiman Zarith Zahrullail
    | Reply

    Sandra park i think it is better for u to point ur finger on certain n wait
    for ur cat to follow u may try this one coz it works 4 me

  2. PFBCheaterReporter
    | Reply

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  3. sandra park
    | Reply

    if my cat was like that ill be happy why she always smells the floor MY CAT

  4. yummies_for_dummies
    | Reply

    if you put the cat on a chair bith side and a back its easier

  5. Kurt Shafer
    | Reply

    I thought she said “POOP!” at 2:06

  6. Elizabeth Jones
    | Reply

    my cat is fat and fluffy

  7. MrApplewoodcoyote
    | Reply

    @yousuckcatlady lol

  8. mpcaniff
    | Reply

    @Johnlly123 she is clicker training the cat like you would with a dog so
    they know when they done whats expected so you no longer need the target

  9. Sly Cooper
    | Reply

    pees like a race horse hahah that made me laugh

  10. suthern89
    | Reply

    lmao…caterpillars are more entertaining than cats jumping for food aka
    “doing tricks”

  11. pokeGirl2611
    | Reply


  12. nadman98
    | Reply

    is it hard to do teach your cat and how much did it take you?

  13. xbradx11
    | Reply


  14. funnykittyz
    | Reply

    my cat only did this 2times after that she completely ignored the target

  15. Thunayyyan
    | Reply

    Awwww so cute

  16. krazor25
    | Reply

    i like cats and dogs but i like dogs better 🙂

  17. Bronte S
    | Reply

    Oh, by the way, my first two comments, the lowest ones down, were directed
    as replies at reindeer1489 but they came out as regular comments for some

  18. DTownMichelle
    | Reply

    my cat ran off with my bag of weed

  19. Момчил Лазаров
    | Reply

    your so fat

  20. micio de marco
    | Reply

    pleant dont tell my owner i was watching this . micio the cat

  21. abdurahman salam
    | Reply

    my cat is smart she ate and just walked away

  22. supernova92024
    | Reply

    hi, i was curious if you had a few links as to what would be a good site to
    acquire the target stick and clicker?

  23. Kate Madinger
    | Reply

    this was really interesting! Thanks for the video, now I can actually teach
    my cats some things 😀

  24. BeeGreeen
    | Reply

    my cuosin has a car named little bit

  25. AnimalFreak111
    | Reply

    Why is the ‘clicker’ used for?

  26. ThnikBig
    | Reply

    HI …….LOL you scared the …. out of me when clip started with your HI.

  27. Radio Penguin
    | Reply

    @stripesmommy the clicker is supposed to signify that the cat accomplished
    the task that it was set out to do. You don’t need a clicker in order to
    teach the cat to do tricks, but it’s good to use instead of treats,
    however, you’re SUPPOSED to clicker train the cat first so that it learns
    to associate the noise with receiving food, and that way, you won’t have to
    give your cat a treat every time because the click literally becomes the
    reward. I don’t know if that makes sense.

  28. Bronte S
    | Reply

    My cats will willingly jump through a hoop 2ft up in the air. If I leave it
    up after training, the leap through it anyway! They love their jumping

  29. Gigi Mussell
    | Reply

    oh maybe the name is little bit thats a cute name

  30. MandaRoseB
    | Reply

    i clicker train my puppy and im going to start using it with my kitty

  31. MrVbdude
    | Reply

    @bruno1210yo Clicker marks the behaviour. It tells the cat that they have
    done the correct behaviour and will get a reward for it. First you have to
    charge the clicker by clicking once and then giving a treat. You have to do
    this for about 15-20 times or until the cat gets the meaning of clicker.
    Once you know the cat will look up at you everytime she hears a click,
    that’s when you can start using clicker to mark good behaviours.

  32. Joseph Neigh
    | Reply

    Where can you get a clicker?

  33. NoSpecificName
    | Reply

    So, thats how a dog fetches a stick? 😀

  34. EverythinWentCompton
    | Reply

    @JohnAngusFTW not if ur cat is lazy

  35. bruno brubru
    | Reply

    my cat steals and hides my hairties 😮 😀

  36. Edwin Eddie Eastwood
    | Reply

    Thats a beginner trick its cool Im a Beginner

  37. madeformiey
    | Reply

    Diana Korten, how many cats do you have…..littlebit, ben, brandie and
    many more….!

  38. w1880
    | Reply

    My cat is able to do a double backflip.

  39. Gareth Hughes
    | Reply

    she looks like a cat lady

  40. seplin01
    | Reply

    i love cats there so cuddly

  41. seonidh
    | Reply

    @Budhabe mine takes a message and doesnt get back

  42. cxyyxcc
    | Reply

    WTF…this was….waste of my time….

  43. nadman98
    | Reply

    how old is your syamese cat

  44. Bb0yGhozt
    | Reply

    @estesjubi can u eve do it? -.-

  45. ana2nsak
    | Reply

    i don’t even own a cat! what am i doing here?!

  46. Edwin Eddie Eastwood
    | Reply

    🙂 Great job ma’am little bit is also a cool cat

  47. faithmorse1
    | Reply

    That was cool my cats cant do that

  48. EpeChuEpe
    | Reply

    i just throw my cat in a backflip and then he walks away 😀

  49. Bronte S
    | Reply

    You are a very good trainer! 😀 I also train my cats, but you are better
    than me! My kittens are also very fast learners – they learnt to jump
    through a hoop 2ft in the air in one day! My cats, however, love their
    training, and jumping is their favouirte game. I highly recommend Burmese
    as they have a very long attention span, are very loyal, always try their
    best, and are generally very agile and muscular cats.

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