Cat Care : House Train a Cat

Litter boxes work well in bathrooms because they are small spaces that the cat can get familiar with. House train a cat with tips from a cat behaviorist in t…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. ivy goldberg says:

    I might get a cat it really gave me an idea how to take care of it thanks.

  2. Jentle Sticks says:


  3. i don’t even have a cat……. WHY DO I FIND THIS SO ENTERTAINING FOR ME?!

  4. @smokingajayble that’s just cruel. what are you trying to do, kill them?

  5. Wanda Torres says:

    I need serious advice, I recused a stray kitten (8weeks old). I set up her
    litter box in the bathroom & showed her how to use it (put her in the
    litter box & moved her paws to show how to cover her dumps) But she doesn’t
    use the litter box!! Insead she does her buisness under my bed (FYI i have
    Carpet :( …Its bin about a week that i’ve had her & every time she needs
    to use the bathroom she goes under my bed … Help!

  6. @smokingajayble you might be joking, but I honestly think you should visit
    a psychiatrist soon. Very soon.

  7. @NikaLove87 Put the poop from under the bed into the box, like the lady
    said. Make sure you scoop it up, put it in the box, then show it to her

  8. Starry Moon says:

    i just made a litterbox for my kitten to use the first 4-6 days and then i
    bought him a adult size litterbox and he uses it with no problem

  9. adamariff1 says:

    @mrmeanfingers lol

  10. thepaperterror says:

    @taniaarthur me too, i never actually owned a cat, but there were three
    strays who were just as good as ours and they always knew exactly where to
    take a dump

  11. wat breed is the white-ash one?im gonna get a cat(maybe)so i just wanted to
    know stuff earlier. :D

  12. willowc098 says:

    All we did was set it up in the bathroom,and when we caught them going in
    the house, we took them to the box and gently took a paw and scratched at
    the litter with it.The female caught on instantly.Never made a mess again,
    the male…well..they say that boys are harder to it only
    took him a couple of days

  13. Shekar Reddy says:

    How to train it to flush?

  14. abd omari says:

    can you please show me other way to do this

  15. Tom Wilson says:

    very good tips, im getting a kitten from my friend and its never used a
    litter tray, THANK YOU! :D

  16. Awww cute i love kittens and cats

  17. LiLfashionista24 says:

    ASDFGHJKL im watch way to many cat bad my dad is allergic-______-

  18. strawberryvines says:

    ive had my abandoned kitty 4 about 3 days n she hasnt pooped yet but she
    finally peed. ive been on the internet trynna learn everthing i can but i
    just never had a pet b4 besides a fish…so should i be worried bout the
    poop n she dont really sleep unless i hold her n rub her head..should i be
    worried bout that also?? plz help!! im just overwhelmed cuz im pregnant
    also ugh

  19. cats are born potty trained dogs are another story

  20. Sierra Joyanne says:

    Is it okay if we don’t have the cats poop, To poop in the box ourselves?

  21. EzPianoLessons says:

    Hello feline owners! My sister knows a little family site for those serious
    about taking care of their kitty. Basically what every cat owner needs to
    know. Really inexpensive (I think less than $15 bucks) for over 270 pages
    of useful stuff (health, recipes, training, etc.). A no-brainer for cat
    owners to keep on file, plus supports a local cat shelter too. Just enter
    CareForYourCat then dot TK (yes, I said dot tk). Important: Then actually
    read and use it; our pets deserve the best!

  22. AcidEntertainment says:

    PS, I have put the cat crap in the box, but haven’t taken the cat to
    physically show it that. I will try that today since I’m sure he’ll crap on
    the floor again! This cat is a Siamese throwback (looks exactly like a
    bluepoint), is this breed related? I’m so confused…

  23. the funny thing is cats cant see nor smell or hear when they are around 2
    weeks don’t even mention that yours can walk to the litter tray :L

  24. AcidEntertainment says:

    lucky you…my new addition is giving me a run for my money! lol

  25. Christie BlueCrystal says:

    RuthyNsn Its so entertaining because maybe you like cats

  26. miosworld says:

    Savanna is the name of my friend

  27. armyofjuanymail says:

    Friskies don’t make poop smell bad.

  28. ever monster high says:

    the black and white cat looks like my cat!

  29. kafonte37 says:

    i just took in a kitten dat was abandoned by my neighbors when they moved
    out and he does good with the Lbox my question is how to stop him from
    chewing on my cords and pretty much anything he can get a hold of

  30. David Thompson says:


  31. setsailful says:

    Can you make a video about how to teach your cat to do catlike
    things…like walking…….?? o.o ahh my cat is lazy -.-

  32. AcidEntertainment says:

    HELP! SOS! =) I took in a kitten approx. a month ago & he refuses to use
    his litter box regularly. I’m up in arms at this point. I have other pets &
    this is causing one of them to “match’ the presents the kitten leaves, if
    you know what I mean. I’ve used several boxes, litter types, and have moved
    it around (although I’m limited due to the other pets, 2 dogs and another
    cat). I ‘m at my wits end and want this to work. Any advice from anyone
    would be greatly appreciated. Great idea for a video.

  33. Crystal Nehler says:

    I actually had an easier time with my boy cat. The girl was much more

  34. Oganachobi says:

    Am I the only one that finds it slightly strange that she kept some of
    their poo?

  35. If you have 2 cats or kittens they will need a litter box each not one
    between the two

  36. Seveleniumus says:

    She’s going places while collecting cat poop, which she carries in her
    pocket, that’s sick, lol…

  37. So how many men do you think would be a safe amount if you’re training your
    cat for the first time? Will the cat’s anus be capable of taking in so many
    men at once without causing serious physical or mental harm to the feline?
    I consulted with my veterinarian and he advised I “loosen up” the cat first
    with some kind of squeaky toy. Should I disinfect the toy first? Or would
    it be more economical to disinfect my cats anus first? I don’t want to
    spend too much on disinfectant. Damn economy….

  38. mrmeanfingers says:

    poo!!!i like poo

  39. SDSUjacks101 says:

    my cats poop and pee stink. we then put it in our pourch. i would like to
    have it in the bathroom to begin the pottie training in the toilet but it
    smells to bad. i use meow mix food, is there a food that doesn’t make his
    poop smell as bad?

  40. ArtiEnergy says:

    ya i swear !

  41. Tania Arthur says:

    I have never ever needed to train a cat to use the litter box, I just put
    it there and they go.

  42. ArtiEnergy says:

    my cats the first day they were born the went to the bathroom their selves

  43. Tara Worrall says:

    Oh god I understand it takes some work to own a cat but I want one so badly
    what should I do?

  44. Nick deBey says:

    @Oganachobi I know right? Creepy cat lady? :/

  45. AcidEntertainment says:

    u know you are an idiot, of course.

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