Cat boxing dog. Who wins?

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Our Anatolian Shepherd versus our Siamese Cat. Oh the joys of pet ownership.

What do you think?

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  1. whaaa923 says:

    @vssl0721 Wow, I didnt know people declaw cats, but maybe, i suppose. I just thought the cat and dog like each other and the cat knows exactly how far to take it. If the cat put its claws out with one of those swipes to the face, the dog would not be so awesome about it. Thats what made it so cute for me, they are maybe both holding back.

  2. whaaa923 says:

    @WiNdBuRn1000 Awesome. You should be a sports commentator.

  3. q vergonha emm!!
    levou um monte de bulacha e nao fez nada!?!?

  4. Mike Tyson

  5. palinetes75 says:

    o cão queria brincar mas o gato só queria saber de bater kkkkkkkkkkk

  6. Douglas10973 says:

    Cat win, for nocoute

  7. 1MikeFLY says:

    The dogs looks at the camera like “You just gone sit there and watch him do the shit”

  8. MegaMIG2 says:

    Bitch slap

  9. Manny Catquiao.

  10. RoxmehSox says:

    Dog: “You mad bro?”
    Cat: “Come at me bro!”

  11. TheRampard says:

    Do not use “bro”, you are not an OG, don’t act like OGs

  12. he shoulda bitch-slap that cat-.-‘ xd

  13. GhostFighter5 says:

    Kill the fucker cat :D

  14. krmarcika says:

    @GhostFighter5 yeayea

  15. meunomeaki says:

    gato : num mi chera sinao te como na porrada fdp

  16. harrypotterrox4ever says:

    @Vire70 If that dog wanted to, he could rip that cat apart in a second. He’s just being nice. I personally find that having a dog is more rewarding, having had both. :P

  17. @meunomeaki muito massa esse video né

  18. Dog at 0:36 is like: “…Da fuck is wrong with this idiot?”

  19. @harrypotterrox4ever
    I guess it’s just a matter of if you want a willful slave for a pet, or a companion. I know which dogs are.

  20. broadsurf says:

    This cat must be declawed surely. Because the cat would have the claws out doing this. And the dog would be hurt and not accepting it. If I am correct you are wrong to declaw. It is cruel.

  21. tradera00 says:

    Too Slow Dog… To Slow. :D

  22. @broadsurf It’s Debby Downer, ladies and gentleman… Debby Downer.

  23. @broadsurf I saw this embedded on a blog and clicked through here for that reason, to see if the cat is indeed declawed, as it appears..hope not!

  24. broadsurf says:

    @DarqV It’s Stupid Susan ladies and gentlemen.. Stupid Susan.

  25. schoenengutentag says:

    @broadsurf Shes not trying to hurt the dog. The cat is just hitting him in the face without using her claws. Cats do this when they are pissed off about somebody they normally like. It’s like she saying “show respect and leave me alone”. The cat would use her claws if she’d be afraid or extremly angry. This cat is just a little bit pissed off about a friend.

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