Cat Adopts Baby Squirrels

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Take some orphaned squirrels, add a motherly cat, and you’ve got one unusual family. Why don’t you come and join Uzoo on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with our videos and other animal stories!! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Tumblr: Playlists: Animals adopting animals! Adorable animal videos: Cute animal friendships: Cats galore!! Enjoy the playlists!

What do you think?

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  1. id adopt these squiwwels too

  2. christineyoyop says:

    Its so funny how the cats are jumping around and the Squirrels are just like laying there. SO CUTE!

  3. They will grow up friends raised together that young. Neither are malice animals, so they wont turn on each other.

  4. laker10591 says:

    @Sakuya727 or for humans fighting over anything else. not just religious differences u atheist pussy

  5. hawgerchi808 says:

    I can agree with Sakuya727 but im adding in more, such as racism, political and economic views. Not only that but also not being able to understand another point of view……..

  6. SaschaHeylik says:

    @Sakuya727 And animals dont fight. At all. Right.. Dont they defend their territory and fight over chicks just like humans? Fighting and killing are part of living.

  7. Dj4Life777 says:

    Animals really can teach us a lot

  8. justinXalex says:

    LOL Like at 0:50, The Cat Starts Killing The Baby Squirrels

  9. Citzen92 says:

    CatIntoShit Operating System.

  10. Citzen92 says:

    @Dj4Life777 yes,it means that you can give your personal nipple to dog for sucking

  11. Citzen92 says:

    0:58 TORTURE ! XD

  12. Citzen92 says:

    @justinXalex thats it my friend bieber,im verry worried,cuz im thinking that squirrels are already degested-shitted out

  13. CongenialityMiss says:

    What a lovely video! Just a shame the retards have to make such immature and irrelevant comments!

  14. Chippy5110 says:

    I have a pet squirrel :) and this is his account; He’s starting to do music videos: Chippy5110


  16. @Sakuya727 That’s different. That lot are of completely different species to each other. Their differences are obvious. Humans on the other hand have to emphasize the differences between them before they can get along.

  17. thespianxx says:

    Lol I love the kitten just freaking out and jumping at the squirrel. It’s so cute <3

  18. gotmoney100000 says:

    baby squirrels are cool but when they grow up they are going to be assholes

  19. 1adck20b says:

    Yeah that’s ture

  20. EdTheBadass says:

    and some retarded dipshit humans write insulting comments and are rude without no reasons to begin with. (i.e. YOU)

  21. uhmaizein says:

    @EdTheBadass he juss said the reason, and some badass u r talkin shit on youtube :D want a badass metal?

  22. ellie3637 says:

    Such a lovely video, well done! Thank you for the kindness of people who found the squirrel and the people who let the cat adopt them. It is truly heartwarming. Thank you guys!

  23. HighTemplar99 says:

    Why is it that animals can do this, but we “smarter” humans can’t stop killing each other over SKIN COLOR for fuck’s sake!??!

  24. @gotmoney100000

    Baby squirrels grow up to be Republicans?

  25. MiZoSpaDe says:

    @HighTemplar99 it won’t happen if israel wasn’t here :)

    and btw not cause i don’t like usa i do like it … but most of the racism i saw was from there :)

    i swear to my god i didn’t know what racism even mean until i got interenet and started to watch americans movies + youtube … i saw black people and christians grow up in my country like it’s so damn normal we were all egyptians skin color beliefs doesn’t mean that we are not !!! till now i got friends lie from every color :D :D

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