Caring For Your Cat's Ears- Do You Know What To Do?

Caring For Your Cat’s Ears- Do You Know What To Do?

By Jean Morgan

When you are a loving cat owner, you know that your cat is solely dependent upon you for her care. Part of caring for your cat and ensuring she stays in good health is caring for her ears. It is something that neither you nor your cat will likely enjoy at first, especially if she is not accustomed to you doing it, but after a while, you will both get used to the routine.

In general, you will need to take your cat to the veterinarian at least once a year for a regular checkup, and in between if she gets sick or injured. To prevent illness and disease, you should make certain that you look at your cats ears every so often, and if you notice anything unusual, call the veterinarian right away for an appointment. If you catch a potential feline ear problem early on, and seek treatment, you can usually cure it with medication before it turns into a major issue for your cat.

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