Canine & Feline Diseases : How Does a Vet Put a Dog to Sleep?

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

A vet puts a dog to sleep by first injecting the animal with a sedative to calm him down before giving the dog an overdose of an anesthetic, and the whole procedure is a very peaceful and humane way to euthanize. Understand the process of putting a dog to sleep withhelpful information from an experienced veterinarian in this free video on pet health. Expert: James Talbott Bio: Dr. James R. Talbott is a staff veterinarian at Belle Forest Animal Hospital and Kennel in Nashville, Tenn. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. kopwner
    | Reply

    i put my dog down 3 months ago i dont think i will ever be able to buy another dog

  2. Kara899
    | Reply

    my aunt put her pug of 16 years down tonight at 6 pm. So sad He was old and he was in pain they had to do it.

  3. Misschikko
    | Reply

    granpa put my missy down to sleep cancer was too much

  4. EhhhEHMMM
    | Reply

    Ive been working morning and evenings at a near vet over my summer vacation. (I’m only 16 so, yeah) and today was my FIRST real full day working with walk ins, and the FIRST patient that walks in was a 13 year old dog,She had been vomiting and other horrid things for a week nonstop, the owners were so heart broken, they knew she wasn’t gonna get any better…When i was Told they were putting her down I just froze.when i was in the room with the doc and dog, idk.
    my heart goes out to the owners.

  5. MILLS1239
    | Reply

    Smudge The Lad. Rest in peace my faithful friend. I love you always and will never forget. Thanks for everything. X

  6. dazco2121
    | Reply

    Shame human beings cant have the choice.

  7. TheABCKFC2
    | Reply

    better to put your dog to sleep painlessly *(apart from the injection) then let die in vain or in a bad way (by disese or serious injury)

  8. bowlchamp411
    | Reply

    my dog is getting putdown on monday i am gonna miss him so mutch mine is a beagle walker mix

  9. jason66801
    | Reply

    this video is very comforting. im glad it is pretty much painless for them

  10. nicothegreat795
    | Reply

    my cat has to be put down tommorow, PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  11. LarsonsMom
    | Reply

    I was with my beloved dog ShortCake when she had to be put to sleep. My little friend had kidney cancer. It was harder for us than it was for her. Even though it has been 15 years now, I still miss her

  12. kevincampos96
    | Reply

    bich u still kill the damm dog

    | Reply

    My dad put down the most beatiful creature in this world all because of a fixable eye ulcer… Yall dont know how much this hurts guys i never said goodbye and i was so arrogant… i am a piece of shit

  14. DRcaprice
    | Reply

    i have to put my chow chow down, hes 16 years old and i fucking love him way to much. but hes got a tumor in his nose, tail, in his eye, hes pooping some blood and sneezes blood too, and hes not the same anymore but even through all that i can still see him acting like hes still a puppy. but i cant let him suffer, this is the best option. its a shitty thing to do but you take his pain away. its only a matter of days and its killing me, but hes in alot of pain and i got to set him free. vary sad.

  15. Branden123456
    | Reply

    I miss my dog, she was old, and had back surgery that not even the vet thought she would recover from, but she lived another 8 years. she was my buddy in the end, and i knew she loved me, i wish i got to say good bye to her, but i couldnt see her how she was. RIP Ginger, my lil buddy

  16. CDNeurauter
    | Reply

    @nicothegreat795 shit I’m a month late

  17. nicothegreat795
    | Reply

    @CDNeurauter its ok, the doctor said he didnt need to be put down, but hes still a little sick.

  18. derekhough123
    | Reply

    My dog got put down today 🙁 I wasnt there because Im in NY and hes in CA he was only 3 but very very very sick.

  19. t0xIcInSaNiTy15
    | Reply

    @spc1689 🙁 i had my dog put down yesterday… the sad part is when it stormed where i lived…my dog was 84 dog years old and had cancer and a lemur on his lungs….:( ill never forget him

  20. HRcircut85
    | Reply

    @derekhough123 I am putting my dog to sleep today. She is 14, and is a golden retriever. She has been the most amazing friend. She also has cancer and is in severe pain. It is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to come to grips with.

  21. sailorblondie11
    | Reply

    my mom and dad put my dog down friday. they said it was the hardest thing ever. i didnt wanna be there cause i would have seriously broke down. i miss him. r.i.p pepper. i love you so much<3

  22. ingodwesee
    | Reply

    @michael85225 my Lab named Shadow died two weeks ago.. I had only seen for one month, but before that I hadn’t seen him in five years.. and he lived to be 8.. pretty much his whole life he was waiting for me to come home.. last time I saw him in January I told him to “wait for us Shadow.. we’ll see you in a couple of months” but before that, he had kidney failure and collapsed.. still waiting for me to come home.. RIP your Shadow and mine 🙁

  23. gatiepieS
    | Reply

    @michael85225 i had to do the same today. started crying… not a nice thing

  24. xmonkeygurlx
    | Reply

    I love when you have a dog, it’s nice to have them Around and to cuddle with. But putting then Down, Is the hardest thing to Deal with :'(

  25. AerialRcoet
    | Reply

    i had to watch m dog be put to sleep i feel like i cant go on anymore without her . R.I.P ruby 2005-2010 i love you

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