Canine Assistants | American Dog With Victoria Stilwell

Canine Assistants | American Dog With Victoria Stilwell

YouTube Description

See more American Dog: Follow us and never miss an episode: Canine Assistants trains and provides service dogs to people with medical conditions and disabilities. The results are nothing short of amazing. Recipients experience a freedom that would be otherwise impossible. The dogs change peoples lives. And all of it free of charge. Founded in 1991 by Jennifer Arnold, Canine Assistants now places 75 to 100 dogs annually. More on Canine Assistants: Have a question for Victoria? She’ll be checking in regularly, so be sure to leave your comments and questions below. American Dog tells the incredible stories of dogs and humans affecting each other’s lives for the better. Victoria Stilwell is widely known as a dog trainer, author, and tele

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20 Responses

  1. TheWilliamlynn1
    | Reply

    Fantastic warm video

  2. machinimamarlon
    | Reply

    @DeLinda McKinney I’m not talking about THOSE situations.

  3. DeLinda McKinney
    | Reply

    I’m sure that having a dog that can predict a seizure is more than just a “placebo”.

  4. Snowywarriorxp
    | Reply

    @EEN63 yes I agree

  5. eHowPets
    | Reply

    Since this month is “National Service Dog Month” everyone at eHowPets would like to take a moment to thank all of the amazing service dogs, like the ones in this video, for all that they do to help improve the lives of others.

  6. eHowPets
    | Reply

    Thank you! The team used a Canon 5D

  7. EEN63
    | Reply

    What a wonderful organization; doing amazing things with some of the sweetest & smartest dogs! Happy tears are rolling down my face for all the help & hope these dogs will provide. Outstanding!

  8. PrinceOF9Imagination
    | Reply

    Americans are stupid. I mean, they love the dirtiest animal on Earth!! Dogs are dirty no matter what you do! Americans usually have 2 kids and the rest are dogs lol
    Don’t you wan more kids? Why dogs? Bcuz they’re animals as well!!!

  9. TurkiyeCumhurbaskani
    | Reply

    that’s a cute doggy

  10. ACMusicVids
    | Reply

    The golden retriever pub made my hear melt! 😀

  11. critterluvva
    | Reply

    I have been doing the research on SDs and have never come across a service as thorough or as affordable as this one, FREE dogs and they help you with the expense of upkeep to boot? Unheard of! The least I can do is make a donation! May God’s richest blessings be on these people!

  12. CrushedSpirits
    | Reply


  13. quiettornado1970
    | Reply

    7:13 cats can detect diabetic attack too

  14. dpoomee
    | Reply

    This video is beautiful. What kind of camera do you use to get that kind of vibrant color?

  15. Syrcadian
    | Reply

    <3 Please keep up the amazing work!

  16. machinimamarlon
    | Reply

    Actually, this is kind of a bad program. I realize you guys are trying to help people overcome their struggles, but this is probably not a stable way to do such a thing. It’s better that they find a way to live by themselves, rather than relying on a type of placebo. This strategy is no different than having a red ball and calling it “yours”.

  17. CoolioCheeseio
    | Reply

    this is why all dogs go to heaven.

  18. katherine smith
    | Reply

    Made Me Cry

  19. quiettornado1970
    | Reply

    what about assistant horses?

  20. crucio016
    | Reply

    I’m emotional for 22 minutes.WOW.

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