Can You Train Your Goldfish to do This?

Goldfish swimming like a dolphin. Royalty free music from “Hamster March” by Kevin McLeod.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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26 Responses

  1. Lori Cody
    | Reply

    This is REALLY a Gold fish not a Koi. I know because it was mine.

  2. Los Max Gravity X
    | Reply

    It could be a Koi

  3. wan2shuffle
    | Reply

    @kuapo just like how dogs and cats do tricks 🙂

  4. FR27
    | Reply

    Pretty sure that’s a koi, not a goldfish.

  5. sirpenguinthebrave
    | Reply

    so cute!

  6. rootbeer416
    | Reply

    First of all that’s not a goldfish it’s a koi

  7. caremonkey
    | Reply

    how the hell do u do that

  8. Winklesun
    | Reply

    If I was a goldfish that would be me!!!

  9. MrGman0909
    | Reply

    mite have been part mamel like dolfins lol

  10. innerhealthstudio
    | Reply

    Surprisingly, it is a goldfish. He is the descendant of 1 inch feeder fish
    from the pet store. This fish is only 2 years old!

  11. destroyahdes
    | Reply

    Oh how adorable. And he was so beautiful half white and red. Wow, how did
    you train him? I’m sorry for your loss. Gave you a thumbs up and a fave.

  12. Adam Lipkin
    | Reply

    i had a ghost shrimp and i called it cricket because it moved like one but
    it alway been jumping out of a container and was hard to catch but when it
    died it was on the container out of the water

  13. SpunSugar
    | Reply


  14. Leah Michaeloff
    | Reply

    no, no i can’t

  15. SeaOfOrcas
    | Reply


  16. innerhealthstudio
    | Reply

    I have to admit – the fish just does that! He trained himself.

  17. Hondo Macky
    | Reply

    thats cute

  18. innerhealthstudio
    | Reply

    I guess he would hold his breath…he only stayed above the surface for a
    few seconds at a time. Unfortunately, this fish died a few months ago 🙁

  19. letttersthree2345
    | Reply

    So lucky I tried to trian my fish but he did nothing

  20. VincentVolaju
    | Reply

    haha cute, rip little guy

  21. innerhealthstudio
    | Reply

    @destroyahdes Thanks you. The fish actually trained himself…he just did
    that on his own all the time. He probably started swimming like that more
    often when he kept getting food as a reward.

  22. Hamster Lovee
    | Reply

    my goldfish is a big white one that does that anyways when i take out food.

  23. kamikitas
    | Reply

    Oh gaw that’s adorable!!!! :3

    | Reply

    very nice !!

  25. eatsleepwebkinz
    | Reply

    So cute!

  26. Adam Lipkin
    | Reply

    how does he breathe then

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