Call Me Irresponsible: Cutest Pet Photos Video from Drs. Foster and Smith

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Laugh along with dozens of cute pet photos from catalogs and customers! So many reasons why we love our pets, even when they’re being “Irresponsible!”

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. dcokermom
    | Reply

    Only dogs?! Come on now! If it’s only dogs it should be titled “Dog” photos, not “Pet” photos! Where are all the other wonderful PETS?

  2. CharmedDoxie
    | Reply

    Great pictures!!

  3. starlightpiercing
    | Reply

    Excellent Voice. Heart warming pictures.

  4. mppixpro
    | Reply

    This is the cutest video! There’s nothing like the love of a dog. I have a Bichon and Maltese and they are the greatest! Great song, also!

  5. KIBAfang90
    | Reply

    No way! Unbelievable. What a voice.

    (Liberty sais hi)

  6. nrstype2004
    | Reply

    Very very nice video! I shop Dr. Fosters & smith all the time, and help a cocker spaniel rescue full time. This is just a darn good, feel good video. Nice way to start the day! With a big ol’smile! Way to go!

  7. juliegorefields
    | Reply

    Wonderful ! Make more, and be sure to use that fantastic vocalist of yours. 🙂

  8. 2LuvYorkies
    | Reply

    Still aching from the loss of a dog, this wonderful video warmed my heart and soothed my soul. Beautifully done!

  9. shamat001
    | Reply

    love these videos dogs are wonderful, we owe them so much. soo cute!!!!

  10. terrapinbrad
    | Reply

    While I can’t help but understand where ‘dcokermom’ is coming from with that comment about ‘ONLY DOGS?’, I also, can’t see where the video is particularly lacking. I’m sure I still have a tad of ‘water’ evaporating from the corner of my eye. Thanks ‘Docs’!

    …and as everyone comments about the excellent vocalist, I’d like to be the first to mention the TRUMPET player… ;-}

  11. k9soul
    | Reply


  12. meemeur
    | Reply

    very nice&cute!
    i fell in love 🙂
    5 starss

  13. Mayda1123
    | Reply

    I love it !!!!!!

  14. rockspydre
    | Reply

    Awesome. “As good as it gets.”

  15. What3verz
    | Reply

    It made me miss my dogs too but it reminded me of how much good they bring to people. Hairy goofy creatures full of love.

  16. therealdjspiff
    | Reply

    i miss my dog …

  17. loveseptemberrr
    | Reply

    hey pet lovers, let me know of any videos you find about pets, have pittbull, argentine dogos, english bulldogs- love to meet some animal lovers

  18. Chilldogg
    | Reply

    I love my pets!!!

  19. Crawdadeo
    | Reply

    Loved the video and the singer! By the way, the captions are perfect.

  20. moomay11649
    | Reply

    AWSUM SLIDESHOW and wonderful music.

  21. DeltaCatFilms
    | Reply


  22. moomay11649
    | Reply


  23. ForTheLuvOfDooking
    | Reply


  24. steelmagnoliabr
    | Reply

    steelmagnoliabr :adorable!!!

  25. klf8788
    | Reply

    Love it!!

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