Bunny Rabbit Litter Training – Box and Bedding

Believe it or not, but it is more than possible to litter train your rabbit to use a litterbox! With a lot of practise and with the right materials, you can have your little critter using their litter box within 2 weeks time. (Of course, having your fluffer neutered or spayed will also help!)

In this video, I discuss my recommendations for litter boxes and what to use for the bedding.

I recommend to use a cat litter box as it provides your rabbit with a bigger space to lounge, sleep, cuddle, eat and do its business. For the bedding, I recommend an allergy and dust free cotton bedding. It is a super absorbent material that helps with the urine odor and also provides a soft and comfortable bed for your pet.

I will be doing a part 2 – how to train your rabbit to use a litter box.

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3 Responses

  1. Weweh Bebeh
    | Reply

    I used Clay litter cat for my bunny since her kitten 2 months old till now 3 years old using litter box


    1. https://www.vetinfo.com/clay-litter-cat-health.html

    2. https://www.vetinfo.com/csuddeath.html

  2. Six-Zero-Six Defender Of Justice!
    | Reply

    My 2 month old bunny is fairly good at peeing in his litter box but he poops everywhere! I've been picking them up and putting them in his litter box so he knows but it's not working. Any advice?

  3. Elektrik Buzzed
    | Reply

    can u use pine bedding for the litter box?

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