Bunny Olympic Training

My rabbit has Olympic fever! Here she is training for her favorite bunny events. Learn how to train your rabbit from my DVD Bunny Training 101 at www.bunnytr…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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22 Responses

  1. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    i just made my own jumps…so no special name….just homemade jumps : )

  2. Julia Tegeder
    | Reply

    *how old*

  3. Volt Star
    | Reply

    Aww, thats co cute! :3

  4. MegglesBegeggles
    | Reply

    lol! is that a holland lop! i have a holland lop! thay r so cute!!! he is
    really well trained he is so obedient you r an awesome trainor!

  5. madison lyn
    | Reply

    What is the thing he jumped over called

  6. Gracie and Sophia LPS
    | Reply

    Love it!

  7. camillepainter
    | Reply

    They do love cilantro!

  8. star688100
    | Reply

    If your bunny drops a pole do u still give them a treat???

  9. Rosiebunneh
    | Reply

    Soooo cute!!!

  10. fancigal
    | Reply

    next is discus! hehehe love the weightlifting!

  11. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    Yes she does! : )

    | Reply


  13. LPSshortfilms12
    | Reply

    So cute

  14. bunny lover
    | Reply

    aww so adorable

  15. Concepcion Marty
    | Reply

    trop top lol

  16. Saska Koshtic
    | Reply

    awww..cute ^.^

  17. Brittany Quach
    | Reply


  18. Catherine Cato johnson
    | Reply

    This is great! I love the tiny dumbbells!

  19. lauren bunny
    | Reply

    so cute

  20. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    Awesome! You totally can train your rabbit. You can find all the answers to
    those questions and more in my Bunny Training 101 DVD : ) Visit my website
    listed above to order. She learns most things in just 1-2 sessions now.

  21. emilyratcliffe66
    | Reply

    How funny

  22. BunnyTraining
    | Reply

    Yes, because I want to maintain the behavior of jumping over the pole. If
    the pole is too high for the rabbit, then that is my fault, not the
    rabbits. I need to adjust the pole levels for success and gradually
    increase the height. There will always be a physical limit to what the
    rabbit can do and I need to be responsible for paying attention to that.

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