Bullmastiff Complete Profile

Bullmastiff Complete Profile

by Dooziedog.com

Key Facts:

Size: Large – giant
Height: 61 – 69cm (24 – 27 inches)
Weight: 41 – 59 kg (90 – 130 lb)
Life Span: 10 years
Grooming: Easy
Exercise: Medium
Feeding: Demanding
Temperament: Reserved & faithful
Country of Origin: Britain
AKC Group: Working

The Bullmastiff is reliable, alert, lovable and independent. Bullmastiffs are not suitable as children’s pets, with their weight reaching up to 60kg. But Bullmastiffs do make good family companions, as they are trustworthy and are utterly faithful. They have strong guarding instincts and only bark to attract attention, so the causes should always be investigated. The Bullmastiff should be thorougly trained when young, as unobedient dogs of this size can be unsafe.

Coat care for the Bullmastiff is minimal and only occasional brushing is necessary.

The Bullmastiff has an average demand for exercise and is satisfied with an outing or two a day with opportunites to run and play off the lead.

Bullmastiffs have a demanding appetite, which isn’t surprising considering their large frame. They are slow to mature physically and they need plenty of calcium and vitamins until they are 18 months old.

During the 17th and 18th centuries when poaching was common in Britain, the gamekeepers found the Mastiffs too slow and cumbersome to be effective deterrents. Bulldogs were more active and agile in those days but were too small to bring a poacher to the ground. The gamekeepers found the answer by crossing the Mastiff with the Bulldog. This cross-breeding produced a dog that retained the desired size and strength but with increased agility. While serving their purpose, Bullmastiffs varied greatly in appearance. It wasn’t until 1924 that their conformity was established and they warranted breed registration in Britain.

Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Powerful, symmetrical, strong but not ungainly.
Colour: All tones of red, fawn or brindle. The muzzle is black and fades towards the eyes with dark markings around the eyes.
Coat: Short, dense, close to the body and weather resistant.
Tail: Set high, tapering, carried straight out or curved up.
Ears: V-shaped, folded back, set high and hanging close to the cheeks.
Body: The chest is deep, wide and compact. The back is short and level with a broad, muscular loin.

Additional Comments:

The Bullmastiff is sensitive to the tone of their handlers voice and don’t tend to be difficult, but they do require someone who can assert authority.
Bullmastiffs enjoy exercise but are not as demanding as other dog breeds of this size.


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