Bridleless How to Teach Your Horse to back up and Stop while Riding with Troiya

This is a response to a request, just a short video and not super in depth or anything, so if anyone has anymore questions feel free to ask. And please I am …

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32 Responses

  1. jullanXD
    | Reply

    Yes exactly 🙂

  2. EquestrianAdrenaline
    | Reply

    Do you mean engaging the hind end? when it makes their back round?

  3. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    Sorry! Oh so when they tuck their heads into their chest? Just not sure about the loweing their bottom part? Like you mean their hindquarters they lower? Sorry I am trying to understand!!!

  4. jullanXD
    | Reply

    NO, when ur riding… 😛 like in dressage 🙂 and the bend their neck when u pull the reins a little 🙂

  5. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    Thanks very much! Sorry I am not sure what you are referring to? Perhaps them sitting down, or laying down or bowing?

  6. jullanXD
    | Reply

    love ur videos! im from another country so i dont know what it is called, but u know when they bend ther neck and lower ther buttom or whatever, how do u get them to do that without a bridle? please help :(!!

  7. DolphinTrainer2B
    | Reply

    thanks soo much! I will definitely try that!

  8. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    Good job for all your efforts just remember the phases I talk about and if she is not responding to the forth phase you are not doing it firm enough. She has to start to want to respond to the earlier phases because she knows a firmer one is coming. Make sure you watch my video on how to turn. I have taught a number of horses to stop and turn bridleless. Just remember the phases and be patient and persistent and firm enough. It should work! Bridless and bareback is the best!!!

  9. DolphinTrainer2B
    | Reply

    I have really been trying to do bridleless on my horse, Missy. And your videos are sooo helpful and I decided to give it a try! But when I try to tell her to back up or turn with my legs (without reins) and do like you said, she won’t do anything. She has always been taught with a bridle and can ride with a halter and clip on reins. Any help? Thanks so much! 😀 (Riding bridleless is a dream of mine 🙂

  10. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    Cool good job on teaching her that!!! Let me know when you get a video posted and I will take a look. Yes get it good in the pen first, then the arena, doing the same things!

  11. horseluver4309
    | Reply

    I got Fancy to do that! I mean she still needs a little bit more training, but knows how to back up without reins! She’s still learning to stop though. Every so often she will stop, but we r still working on it. Thank to SO much. I ll post a video when I can. And she’s learning to turn with out reins too! What happens if she will listen on a round pen but not an arena. What do I do. Just do the same thing I did in the round pen?

  12. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    Its nice, relaxing, enjoyable ride. When you get back to the barn, work them again for 20 min, or so. Basically where they like being the most, work them, then you take them for a nice ride away from the barn. Soon they will enjoy leaving the barn because they know it will be relaxing, they will not always want to rush back to the barn because they know it will NOT be fun! Also make sure you never feed them after a ride, that is part of the reason why they want to rush back for food and comfort!

  13. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    I do indeed! It is quite easy actually if you persist! So basically you take your horse to the place at the barn that it likes the most…like around the other horses or something…or even just the place that you finish you usualy trail ride or whatever. And you work them. Make them go sideways, backwards, circles…whatever. Just make them work and work with no comfort, do this for a sufficent time before your ride AND after. When you do go out for a ride after you work the horse make sure…

  14. horselovaaaa
    | Reply

    This is kind of off topic, but do you have any ideas to make a horse not barn or horse sour? Great video! I am going to try it!

  15. PoniesGirl26
    | Reply

    Hey 🙂 I am wanting to start bareback & bridleless riding with my other pony but I don’t know where to start so I thought I would ask you 😀 because you are soo amazing to watch!!! 🙂

    Please message me for more details 🙂 thanks

  16. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    Thank you so much!!! Yeah I can help you out, send me an email and let me know what you want help with,

  17. BraveHorseForever13
    | Reply

    you are AMAZING!! I have no idea how I was never subscribed to you. I have ridden in a neckrope before, but I’m so dependent on pulling back because of being taught to use a bridle. Could you maybe help me re-learn? you don’t have to, but I would really love to ride tackless someday :3 it’s my dream <3

  18. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    K if you need to know more just ask!!! I have taught it to a number of horses this way!

  19. horseluver4309
    | Reply

    oh ok i got it

  20. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    Make sure you teach him the stop to back before the canter to stop

  21. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    No because you do not use them on the spot where you usually ask them to go forward. You teach them to back first and you put your legs way in front of their shoulders and open and shut them really hard as a higher phase. You will see it in the video how far I put my legs forward and open and shut them really hard for a higher phase when if does not listen to the thighs.

  22. horseluver4309
    | Reply

    but if you use your calves wont that want to make him go forward?

  23. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    I only use my calves for the back up or the stop if he does not listen to my thighs. And if he makes me use my calves because he does not listen to my thighs, I do it fairly hard so the next time he will want to just listen to my seat or thighs!

  24. horseluver4309
    | Reply

    so you only use your thighs? not your calves?

  25. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    Oh cool good for you! Yeah teach her to back up with the legs (a strong phase 4 to make her to want to respond to a lighter phase) and then when you ask her to stop also use the legs as if asking for the backup!

  26. horseluver4309
    | Reply

    the horse i ride i can USUALLY get her to go from a canter to a walk with out reins, but she wont stop. ill try your method next time i ride her.

  27. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    To get them to stop from a walk or canter or whatever, it will take longer then the stop to backup with the legs. Depends on the horse again…and it depends on the gate you are going at. If a walk they could learn it pretty quick but a canter longer. If it is a horse with more whoa and you have already taught them the backup with the legs, then to get them to stop from a walk may take only 10 min. If you are interested in this let me know and I can help you out more!

  28. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    This takes longer then the teaching them to turn and it also depends on the horse. If it is a horse with lots of go it will take longer then for a horse with more whoa. If they can back up easily with reins, it actually would not take to long to teach them to do it with just the legs. From a stand still, ut would take me perhaps 15min to teach them to back with the legs, as long as you a good phase 4 to ensure it makes them to want to respond at a lighter signal.

  29. horseluver4309
    | Reply

    usually take i mean

  30. horseluver4309
    | Reply

    how long does this take?

  31. Echo Savage
    | Reply

    Your welcome! If you have any questions on it or are having trouble feel free to ask and I will help you work it out!

  32. LuvPinkTwizzler
    | Reply

    Ahhhh!!! thanks for all these new informative videos!!!:)

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