Boxer – What Your Need To Know About This Breed

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Dog Training – Boxers are great dogs. They are smart, energetic and make great family pets. Watch this dog training video to learn more about Boxers. Don’t forget to rate this video and leave comments. You can also subscribe to my channel. You can also get my FREE ebook “101 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior” at:

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. VariaProductions
    | Reply

    yeah like foof505, just ignore him if he starts biting hard, and when he has calmed down then resume the play session, but if he bites again repeat the process. Boxers respond better to positive encouragement, so they’ll theoretically respond better if you stop the playing rather than yelling at the dog for biting too hard.

  2. rmcubssuck35
    | Reply

    this video made me teear up just because i had a boxer named tyson who was killed a few years ago by a prick cop ๐Ÿ™

  3. 4paws4life
    | Reply

    the boxer is the worst breed ive ever had to train

  4. matlockrocks
    | Reply

    Yes they are great around kids! I had one, but we had to give him away when we moved. I miss him still! ๐Ÿ™

  5. leasingpro
    | Reply

    If you can’t train a Boxer, give up. These dogs are the easiest dogs to train – they seem to know who is worth their loyalty and who’s a schmuck ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. SilverWhitzWolf
    | Reply

    Squeal or ignore him when he bites tool hard. Boxers are smart dogs so he’ll get the idea =D

  7. keith3921able
    | Reply

    where can i find a boxer any ideas

  8. GBJPhotoWorks
    | Reply

    Look for your local Boxer Rescue League.

  9. goofyone6721332004
    | Reply

    I got mine in Wichita, my wife got him for me for an early Valentines day gift, and I love him to pieces.

  10. amaririi
    | Reply

    My girl is very friendly and affectionate but very aggressive with other female dogs…working on this. Thank god for my dog-sitter! I don’t know how people leave their dogs home all day alone ๐Ÿ™

  11. noselfnoproblemo
    | Reply

    Fuck cops! Sorry about that.

  12. WhatInHell
    | Reply

    My boxer was A BREEZE to train. I think she may have had only one accident or two. She is one to stand her ground when she is around another dog tho because she is around other dogs so infrequently and i know that is my fault. We have two chihuahuas that don’t care much for her at all so sometimes in can get a little lonely for her cuz she doesn’t have a dog her size to play with. Thats why I try and play with her as much as I possibly can!

  13. AbrahamMat
    | Reply

    my boxer wont stop jumping on strangers i have had enough but he obviously dosent the good thing is he does not bite but when strangers come into the house he just jumps on them i dont know what to do?

  14. Zoritsa
    | Reply

    AbrahamMat, Our male boxer would jump on people when they walked in.We worked with him(can’t let him near the door when you open it) and told everyone not to come in all excited to see him and that helped a bit.He’s almost 11 now and while he still greets people at the door,doesn’t jump anymore.

  15. Zoritsa
    | Reply

    Love my boxers! I just wish I could get my female to warm up to other dogs as quickly as my male does.She would eat other dogs if we didn’t stop her,but once she gets used to them being around,she’s ok.We can’t get a third from the shelter,because she would never pass the meet and greet.We got her from the shelter last year at the age of 5.

  16. vaxcave
    | Reply

    @SilverWhitzWolf – It’s true. We did this with our Boxer from an early age and her bite inhibition is amazing. She’s a therapy dog now at the local children’s hospital as well as our local nursing home.

  17. Kristin3030
    | Reply

    I have a fawn female Boxer named Jessa. She is very aggressive towards other female dogs. Jessa has a strong-willed mind of her own, and I have to be confident and in charge at all times. She snorts, wheezes, and snores. Jessa also slobbers and drools a lot. She farts after eating. Jessa is very healthy, but a lot of Boxers aren’t and you need to find a good breeder.

  18. natsnco
    | Reply

    GREAT advice – RESEARCH this is the right dog for you because boy can they be energetic and totally nuts if they don’t get an outlet and they are highly susceptible to anxiety if left alone – they are people dogs…..literally LOVE to be with you and miss you ALOT when you go out. Training and socialisation (everywhere and anywhere), ground rules that you must stick to too! FANTASTIC dogs!!! Just about to get my Pup after my 8 year old passed in December – can’t wait to see that Kidney Bean

  19. Mrsbunnybear
    | Reply

    i have a boxer and i just love her. she was house broken with in the first week that we had her, she is now almost two years old. very good with kids. i will not have any other kind of dog again

    | Reply

    after hearing boxers are intellegent i agreed now that my dog is not hardly a boxer at all considering he’s a mix except for the biting part

  21. Since1845
    | Reply


    Maybe your boxer is secretly Alf.

  22. hanma86
    | Reply

    i have 2 boxers male and female best dogs you can have as long as your willing to put up with a hyper dog. they sure do cute stuff with all that energy. i have never had a problem with either of mine warming up to or being around any other kind of breeds or sex of dogs but i socialized my female at a young age and my male is a rescue that is just laid back. my female even raised 4 orphan kittens without ever having a litter of her own. they are amazing and i will always have one in my home

  23. ExUSSailor
    | Reply

    Great video! You’re right on about boxers. I’ve had mine for 8 years now, and he is the most fun, affectionate, happy go lucky dog on earth.

  24. MrMelodynelson
    | Reply

    Iยดve got 2 boxers now (a couple).always had boxers.I love them..but cardiac, must have carefull with food over 7/8 years old…is a die yound dog.

  25. Ggavin360
    | Reply

    @MrMelodynelson what would be the average age? i really want one…

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