Boris bit my finger – Hamster Music Video

Dwarf hamsters Cheddar and Boris ain’t two peas in a pod: One enjoys cuddles and one bites.

Hamsters make great pets, but they have a habit of biting whenever they are frightened or startled. If your hamster bites, there is no reason you can’t train him out of that habit. There are several things you must keep in mind when handling your hamster to avoid painful bites.

WikiHow presents 10 Tips on How to Train a Hamster Not to Bite:

1. Wear gloves if you have to handle your hamster before he’s properly trained.
2. Avoid picking up your hamster for about a week.
3. Train your hamster at his own pace.
4. Schedule training sessions for the evening.
5. Speak to your hamster softly through his cage.
6. Introduce your scent to your hamster.
7. Give your hamster treats.
8. Pet your hamster gently.
9. Pick your hamster up.
10. Keep interacting with your hamster regularly.

Music by: Mr.Woox
Song: What Can I Say

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  1. R Witmer says:

    Hamster music video! Awesome.

  2. Justin Bozeman says:

    start flicking Boris in his little nose when he tries to bite you… I don't know about these rodents but rats are trainable just like dogs

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