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Rattie Training Video: Spin

This video features Tobias demonstrating how to teach a pet rat to spin around on command! If the text in this video goes by too fast for you, please pause i…

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23 Responses to “Rattie Training Video: Spin”

  1. finn koppens says:

    dose this work with mice

  2. Tech Or Nothing says:

    Hi im a 14 year old boy I live in India . I want to teach my rats some
    tricks . I hv to two rats one is Harry and One is Stuart . I hv some
    questions for you. My one rat stuart is nearly 1 – 2 months old and his
    hair is falling what cn i do for them . I got them nearly 1 month ago but
    they dont want to calmly sit in my hands they try to find away to get out
    of my hand . And i want to teach them some tricks but idk what to give them
    in treats as im in india im not able to buy any treats because they are not
    available . So pls help me it will be pleassure for me 

  3. meetje acaciaa says:

    My rat is not listening -.-

  4. aussiegalxx says:

    It’s ashame because my rat , no matter how much I try she just won’t :(
    it’s impossible !

  5. Kelly Portael says:

    How long does it takes for to learn this ? xx

  6. butterluver12 says:

    thank you so much! this helped my rattie (Rosie) learn how to spin which
    was the first of many tricks.

  7. AmazonGirl5527 says:

    My rat is not following the lure. She isn’t even going halfway! Most of the
    time, she goes a quarter of a circle, and then loses interest and goes
    sniffing around my thigh. (She’s on my lap). The most I’ve ever gotten was
    a three quarter circle, before she lost interest. What should I do?

  8. Sya3Lotso says:

    Can we teach it to hamster??

  9. ShiownAJ says:

    im gonna get a rat on the 1st of Feb. i used to have a rat but i got bored
    of it so i gave it away. But i realized i was only 7 when i had the rat XD
    Now im 10 so i think im responsible enough. I love rats there so cute!!!!!

  10. chris clarkson says:

    Hope your mum and pets get better soon

  11. chris clarkson says:

    Thanks message me when you can , she won’t stop she ran off in my room and
    I couldn’t get her for about 1hour thanks again 

  12. twigrat says:

    This is great! What a great teacher you are, too. I am going to try this
    the next time I get some ratties. :)

  13. animalinfo4you says:

    I did this with my hamster!! :)

  14. chris clarkson says:

    my little dumbo girl is not learning and is wandering off can you send me a
    mesage and help me teach her. plus how many a day and how long.

  15. Kylie2011DcsabaS says:

    Now what can I get, if I make a spin :-)))?

  16. crazy4ratties2 says:

    I don’t see why not! :) It’s a pretty simple trick, and while I’ve never
    attempted to teach a hamster myself, I have seen others train them. Just
    be sure to teach your hammy to take treats gently first, if you haven’t
    already, so that you’re not inadvertently nipped during trick training!

  17. crazy4ratties2 says:

    Cool! 😀

  18. crazy4ratties2 says:

    Well, let’s see… Tobias got freeze-dried yogurt bites, different kinds of
    Cheerios, and a few marshmallows… any of those appeal to you? lol

  19. crazy4ratties2 says:

    Actually, in this video I used freeze-dried yogurt bites, Cheerios, and a
    couple of marshmallow pieces! Mealworms are quite high in protein, so I
    would only give them as an occasional treat. :)

  20. crazy4ratties2 says:

    Aww, how cute! :)

  21. crystal chappell says:

    Are you using meal worms as the treat?

  22. Emmelie Hallin says:

    Its funny couse i did exacly this then I learned my rabbit “spin” :)

  23. crazy4ratties2 says:

    I will be happy to send you a detailed message at a later date; regrettably
    I am extremely busy right now with three sick pets and my mother in the
    hospital with a broken leg. :( In the meantime, have a look at my
    Introduction to Rattie Training videos and read the comments on them, as
    you might find some answers there. I will get back to you personally as
    soon as I can! Sorry for any inconvenience.

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