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Bird Care : How to Train Parrots

Training parrots requires positive association by rewarding good behavior like stepping up. Train a parrot with tips from a bird caretaker in this free video…

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27 Responses to “Bird Care : How to Train Parrots”

  1. Catalin Attano says:

    how are you , If anyone else wants to teach your paraquet it’s worth
    considering – Banfan Terrific Parrot Tips – ( try searching google)? Ive
    heard some incredible things about it from my buddy – just check out it 

  2. Juan Moreno says:

    Do you have an email i would like to send an email of my parrot 

  3. omar diab says:

    I have 2 birds ; budgies one is scared n one that tamed 😀

  4. MsHoneymalik says:

    plx help me :(

  5. kuwait126 says:

    how many parrots do you have?

  6. amharper4340 says:


  7. happy timberlake says:

    Or a cocateals

  8. pontus särnå says:

    @1626Samantha ask the vet?

  9. alligatorpynk1fan says:


  10. newblood02 says:

    @kuwait126 around 30 birds.

  11. oOsleepyowl says:

    What a beautiful bird! 😀 I have a lovebird, he is cute but i wish i had
    gotten a bigger parrot.. ^^ CUTE

  12. coolymichael says:

    @m7mad95 did u maybe do something to scear him or maybe its th eplayce he
    lives in is not right

  13. Molly Fricke says:

    I’m getting a bird!!!

  14. Ed Morgan says:

    One thing she left out is that most people need to get passed the fear of
    getting bitten when training their bird. Often people will pull away too
    quickly when they think the bird is going to bite, and this causes the bird
    to feel less secure with that person. Don’t think about getting bitten, and
    provide a steady perch for your bird, and you will have more success than
    pulling away every time you see that beak going for your arm. Most times
    they aren’t going to bite anyway, so don’t worry.

  15. MrChupachaps says:

    omg i want that bird !! 😐

  16. happy timberlake says:

    Sorry guys I am on my ipod and it auto corrects

  17. happy timberlake says:

    What should I get a budgie/parakeet

  18. yasssmmmiiinnneee says:


  19. Sheryl Maiorano says:

    The text over runs the video so that you can not see what you are doing

  20. SenyaSaysSo says:

    My sun conure ALWAYS uses his beak as a tester to make sure he can grab a
    hold. I never consider this biting cause if he really bit me I would know
    it. I’ve got him to come to the cage door all on his own willingly now and
    its true he loves being on my shoulder even though he is only four months:)

  21. awais142 says:

    I hav one that dosn’t bit me

  22. Alexa Charbonneau says:

    The bird is just walking back and forth and back and forth

  23. JacksonJak97 says:


  24. belt123456789 says:

    thats EXACTLY right all of my friends coe over and pull away really
    fast..and then the bird bites them..and one of my friend tried it and didnt
    pull away and he never got bitten so you are exactly right:)

  25. 1626Samantha says:

    i have a quiestion my bird got bit by my dog and now he cant fly what do i
    doooo :(

  26. sedat celik says:

    sigarayason.e u

  27. VictorWars200 says:

    hummm they dont fly very often like other wild birds.

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