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How to Train a wild Wood Rat

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20 Responses to “How to Train a wild Wood Rat”

  1. Human Rat 1000 says:

    I also love rats, all rats, wild rats and tame rats.

  2. NotAboutMe79 says:

    I saw your other video and again, this is so awesome. 

  3. Ian Hulett says:

    Rats are so misunderstood. I think people are angry at rats because they
    are misinformed that the rat spreads bubonic plague when the truth is if
    they are infected, they’ll die. It’s the diseased flea that feeds off of
    the rat. If you ask me, I think rats are the victims. Not us. Rat slaughter
    must stop.

  4. JanoreII says:

    ¿Qué especie es?

  5. BallosEater says:

    You are a wonderful dad and a wonderful person!

  6. BallosEater says:

    Oh and where’d you get the song?

  7. bucktube370 says:

    thanks for your good advice, we released the rat the same day, just took

  8. bucktube370 says:

    you are so right, fyi– it was released the same day….

  9. Pllm30 says:

    thanks for being nice to the rat.

  10. aaiibbing says:

    Haha – best dad ever. You’ve got my support (though as far as I can tell
    that’s a norway rat – wood/packrats have furry tails).

  11. MuzzleHeros says:

    Give him a nest box he is so scared by your bird

  12. SHABISKY says:

    I don’t think he’s right….what if the rat was way happier with you? and
    what if you built it a nice huge cage? who is he to say the rat isn’t
    happier? and what if you were to catch it some friends?

  13. aaiibbing says:

    Never mind – I just learned something new – apparently wood rats can be
    bushy tailed or not…. did not know that. Still – A+ for being an awesome

  14. BrownieProductions12 says:

    thank you very much for that *whew* Have a nice day, sir

  15. bucktube370 says:

    thanks for your nice comment and the song was on my zip video, it is a
    canned song offered with the program that does the editing

  16. Yasna Aixa says:

    She looked so afraid in the cage :/ but she looked better on ur shoulder.

  17. Viper1990 Viper1990 says:

    I love rats too.

  18. DaniLeeRiley says:

    Actually, rats dont mind being kept alone if you are with it long enough.
    They see you as their companion. I’ve always kept my rats singulary.

  19. dankyaeli says:

    Forget about the rats.¡.¡.¡. You have my favorite kind of dogs !!!

  20. BrownieProductions12 says:

    Omg..Sorry but this is animal abuse. You may say: but it seems happy now,
    and it has food and blah blah blah. But no. This is a wild animal- not
    domesticated.. It is supposed to stay in the WILD. 1) in the wild the rat
    had a big territory which you can’t give her even with a huge cage
    (probably not..) and lots of free running time. 2) in the wild it had a big
    family group, you are keeping it alone. That’s a total no-go in rats care.
    3) in the wild it never had anything to do with humans, which

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