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How to litter train your rabbit

Beaming Bandit Rabbitry: How to litter train your rabbit, an extremly easy thing to teach them, and saves you time in cleaning out their hutch :3.

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6 Responses to “How to litter train your rabbit”

  1. LozzoProductions says:

    One of my family friends is giving me their rabbit can I still litter train

  2. cameron carmichael says:

    when I put the litter box in the cage my rabbit threw the litter box and
    dumped it ….. what do I do ???

  3. Niji Turnbull says:

    I would rather use stuff FOR small pets so you KNOW it is SAFE!

  4. JazzManPig says:

    The stuff they design at pet stores for ‘small pets’ is just an expensive
    version of other things you could use that are safe.. and I have seen a lot
    of bedding thats FOR small pets, that is actually toxic.. Not everything
    sold in pet stores means its good for your pet, they put it on the shelf to
    make money wether its safe or not.

  5. JazzManPig says:

    @appaloosalover100 How old is your rabbit? what kind of litter box is it?
    What do you put in the litter box?

  6. JazzManPig says:

    @LozzoProductions I beileve any rabbit can be litter trained, you just need
    to be persistant

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