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Litter Training Your Ferret, Version 2.0

I’m never happy with how my videos turn out the first time! (Perhaps I should write out a script!) so here’s another version on litter training. Yes my cage …

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15 Responses to “Litter Training Your Ferret, Version 2.0”

  1. whiskandbowl says:

    Pet stores get their ferrets from massive ferret mills (Marshall and Path
    Valley, etc) A lot of people compare these to puppy mills. I suggest
    supporting a local ferret resuce, taking in an unwanted ferret through an
    online ad (Craigslist), or buying from a private breeder. I personally got
    my ferrets on Craigslist. Girl or boy doesn’t matter, it really depends
    more on their individual personality. I have 3 boys by chance!

  2. Zander Kunselman says:


  3. Brittany choate says:

    can you do a video on the ferretone you let them lick out of the bottle ?

  4. Moon Moon says:

    i have two questions, ive heard petco and pet stores like that are the
    worst place to get a ferret. were is the best place to get a ferret? and is
    it better to get a boy or a girl ferret? btw, your videos are VERY helpful

  5. Kakhi Chan says:

    my ferret is litter trained but when she is out the cage, she always goes
    behind my door to use the bathroom, im gunna get another litter pan and put
    it there 😀 Thanks for having these videos, they help me alot!

  6. wesley reinholdt says:

    what stores can you get wood stove pellets?

  7. Jelitza Macias says:

    At hardward stores like home depot and menards. I got wood stove pellets
    for my fuzzy at Menards. 5 dollars for 40lbs.

  8. Brittney Gonzalez says:

    I’m getting a ferret this month. I’ve been doing a lot of research but this
    defiantly helped compared to other videos I’ve seen.

  9. whiskandbowl says:

    Sure! I haven’t updated in a while (misplaced my camera) so this would be

  10. aglove45561 says:

    Love ur ferrets:) -3 can u make a cage tour video and homemade toys,beds

  11. Zander Kunselman says:

    Can you show how to litter train them around the whole house

  12. javonne says:

    Excellent vid. I’ve been trying a lot of things on my 12 week old ferret,
    but I’ll try the tricks shown here. I need a lot of patience with this
    little girl, she keeps crawling under my stove too. That’s dangerous, I
    gotta block that off somehow.

  13. whiskandbowl says:

    It’s the same concept, just put lots of litterboxes around.

  14. whiskandbowl says:

    I already have a tour video :-) It’s called “Tour of my Ferret’s Cage”

  15. Nazeon Bailey says:

    i love your videos

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