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Ferret training: One skill to teach countless tricks

In this tutorial Clipper the ferret shows how to teach a ferret to touch a hand target and how this can help start to teach lots of cute, clever and inventiv…

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6 Responses to “Ferret training: One skill to teach countless tricks”

  1. SuperSonic Ferrets says:

    Which treats I use is my next video :-) With deaf ferrets you could use a
    flashlight in place of a clicker, they tend to pay more attention to hand
    gestures than vocal commands so they shouldn’t have any problem.

  2. katrina anirtak says:

    I love your ferrets! So chubby!!!!

  3. Birthdaycat2 says:

    Ur ferret is beautiful

  4. BurntSugarz says:

    Great video and techniques! 😀

  5. jharsika says:

    Can you talk about tips for training deaf ferrets? Also what kind of
    treats/dispensing you use?

  6. SuperSonic Ferrets says:

    This was from winter when he was a polar bear, he looks completely
    different now – about half that size after spring moult! Now he’s more
    slender, he’s more agile which means nowhere is safe for the tv remote :-)

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